MW3 Season 1 Reloaded may have brought a lot of players back to the game, but it appears a large number of cheaters came along for the ride too.

Whenever a Call of Duty title releases a seasonal update, particularly one so early in the game’s lifespan, it’s certain to bring back players.

Unfortunately, upon their return, a lot of players discover that MW3 is a little less fair than it was back on launch day.

Cheaters Are Running Wild in MW3

Call of Duty appears to be undergoing a spike in the number of cheaters present in its games, as MW3 players report the frequency of encountering malicious users is on the rise.

“What the hell happened since this update?” Reddit user CODPlaya44 writes. “Constant hackers in lobby. Guys running around with interstellar at level 35.”

In the user’s popular post to the MW3 subreddit, players are sharing their own experiences in-game.

MW3 Multiplayer Operators

And as Season 1 Reloaded’s extended Double XP event continues, it appears that encountering aimbot and wallhack users is entirely too common.

“Anytime new content comes I have to stop playing until these cheaters and sweats get their camos or whatever and leave. Then us normies can play and chill.”


And it’s not just a case of wall-hacking any longer, either. We’ve seen multiple examples of MW3 cheaters going fully invisible, giving themselves the ultimate in-game advantage.

It’s not just Modern Warfare 3 that’s affected. Just yesterday, we witnessed multiple complaints about Warzone cheaters dropping nukes in the Battle Royale title.

But seeing as both MW3 and Warzone share the same RICOCHET anti-cheat, it’s no surprise that a cheater spike in one game is reflected in the other.

For now, there’s nothing players can do about the number of cheaters in their Call of Duty games. We’re sure Activision will eventually release another update about the latest ban wave – but it never seems to keep cheaters away for long.

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