Despite Sledgehammer Games promising to fix spawns in the recent January 11 patch, MW3 fans are astounded to discover that they are worse off than before.

Spawns have been an ever-present problem in Modern Warfare 3 since its release in November. It’s a hot topic issue that has left fans more than a little frustrated, especially when playing on the game’s selection of smaller maps.

The most recent patch for MW3 aimed to fix the game’s spawn system. However, many players are reporting that not only is this not the case in their experience, but the update has made it even worse.

Patch Makes Spawns Worse

Despite multiple patches put out to address MW3’s spawn system, fans are noticing that they’ve gotten worse since the latest update.

The January 11 patch included a variety of bug fixes, nerfs, and balance adjustments. One of the most anticipated aspects of these changes was the promise of improving spawns across some of the game’s most popular multiplayer maps.

Here are the January 11 patch notes regarding the alleged spawn improvements for MW3:

  • Afghan
    • Added additional spawn points to increase the quality of spawn selection in Team Deathmatch and Domination.
  • Invasion
    • Adjusted spawns to prevent unnecessary spawn flips while the Bus Station capture point (P3) is active in Hardpoint.
  • Meat
    • Adjusted spawns to prevent players in the Garage from killing enemies upon respawn.
  • Rust
    • Increased consistency of quality spawn selection.
  • Sporeyard
    • Players can no longer become stuck upon respawning in Storage.
  • Terminal
    • Adjusted spawn points near Security to prevent unfavorable spawn conditions in Team Deathmatch and Domination.
Over the shoulder view of player shooting an enemy in Kill Confirmed on Rust in MW3 multiplayer

However, players over on Reddit found out the hard way that the recent patch has made spawns in MW3 worse, not better:

Longjumping_Joke_719 calls out the Rust and Meat maps in particular for having noticeably worse-off spawns after the patch. This is supported by myndonman, who claims to consistently spawn a mere few yards away from the player that just killed them on Rust:

This is further evidence of what seems to be an egregious revenge spawn system in MW3. It seems that you are more likely to respawn closer to the player who just killed you. However, it can lead to deaths that seem unwarranted and unfair, especially on smaller maps.

This player showcases how a player they just killed appeared near them three times in a row:

If you’re still not convinced, here’s another player showcasing getting their own back and showing “proof” of revenge spawns on Rust:

Fans Call Spawns a “Disgrace”

MW3 fans are frustrated and upset at the current state of spawns in the game, calling it a “disgrace”:

byu/myndonman from discussion

Modern Warfare 3’s terrible spawns have been a prevalent issue since launch. Fans are noticing that the spawn system feels worse now since MW3 was initially released:

MW3 multiplayer key art

This Reddit user even goes as far as to accuse MW3 of having the “worst spawns in franchise history” for Call of Duty:

It’s clear that fans aren’t happy with the current state of spawns in MW3 after the patch.

Hopefully, Sledgehammer Games will continue to adjust and tweak the system so that fans can enjoy a multiplayer experience that seems more fair and balanced going forward!

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