There is a new MW3 Soap Operator Pack that players can obtain to showcase one of the most iconic characters in Modern Warfare.

This new attire for the Task Force 141 operative follows the theme of the Shadow Siege MW2 Warzone event that revealed Modern Warfare 3. It gives players a sense of infiltration and provides them with a blueprint for the newly added Season 5 weapon.

However, there is only one way to get the MW3 Soap Operator Pack, but you’ll need to act fast.

How to Get MW3 Soap Operator Pack

To get the MW3 Soap Operator Pack, players will need to pre order any MW3 Digital or Vault Edition. Once players pre order it, they will instantly unlock the Soap Operator Pack to use in MW2 and Warzone.

After you purchase it, you will see the Operator skins and weapon blueprint added to your armory immediately. This will allow you to equip them right away.

Once Modern Warfare 3 releases, this operator pack will carry over to the game so that players can continue to use it. The pack itself features two variations to the Soap skin.

One that features Soap with his mask on showcasing night goggles, and another with his mask off showcasing his face camouflage. However, if you want these skins, you’ll need to act now while pre-orders are live.

Soap Operator Pack MW3

It is unlikely that Call of Duty will release this Operator Pack in the COD Store to sell individually. It is meant to entice players to pre-ordering the Vault Edition to get this exclusive Operator Pack.

All Soap Operator Pack Contents

The MW3 Soap Operator Pack consists of two skins of John “Soap” MacTavish and a Weapon Blueprint for the M13C, including:

  • “Masked Soap” Skin
  • “Unmasked Soap” Skin
  • “Shadow Siege” M13C Weapon Blueprint

When you pre order any edition of MW3, these items will immediately become available in MW2 and Warzone and carry forward to MW3 when it releases. This means that players can use the items across both games with no issues.