A new package sent out to select Call of Duty creators appears to have confirmed that slide canceling is back in MW3.

Slide canceling was an extremely popular mechanic in the original Call of Duty Warzone. The trick allowed high-skill players to move quickly around the map, lower their hitboxes, and reset their Tactical Sprint to travel long distances with ease.

Modern Warfare 2 (and with it, Warzone 2) removed slide canceling from the game altogether. And although casual players didn’t mind the missing function, a number of high-profile pro players and creators were unhappy to see it go.


Now, it seems that slide canceling could be back in MW3, Call of Duty 2023’s recently-announced title.

Is Slide Canceling Back in MW3?

It seems that slide canceling is back in MW3, at least according to a cryptic clue sent out to creators.

Several content creators, such as Kris ‘FaZe Swagg’ Lamberson, received a package from Activision that contained some mysterious items. Inside, creators found a pair of sliders, a tin can, and a cell phone.

While initially causing confusion among fans, those with an eye for riddles were able to decipher that the package was indicating that a popular mechanic was about to return:

  • Sliders, tin can, cell phone = Slide Cancel

What’s more, when a phone battery was placed inside the cell phone, Swagg soon received a text with the following message:

“You’ll be expected to move more quickly in Al Mazrah.”

This should remove all doubt that slide canceling is indeed back in MW3, but we’d still recommend taking it with a tiny pinch of salt for now.

However, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard that slide canceling would be making a return. Reliable insider Metaphor also leaked that slide canceling is in the current build of the next Warzone map.

Though from the sounds of Activision’s tease, we’ll be getting slide canceling before a new map even arrives!

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