Some new details just dropped on some of MW3’s launch maps for Season 2 – read on to find out everything they have to offer!

With Season 2 just around the corner, many fans are eager to jump the next chapter of Modern Warfare 3.

This time around fans can look forward to some interesting twists on classic game modes, an array of cool cosmetics, and some fancy new maps for good measure.

These maps are brand-new additions to the Call of Duty series, making their debut in Season 2 of MW3. Let’s get into it!

Operator firing weapon in Stash House map in MW3 Season 2

What Are the New Maps in Season 2?

Season 2 introduces three brand-new multiplayer maps and one remastered map into the core multiplayer map rotation in MW3.

The new maps will release alongside the launch of Season 2 on Wednesday, February 7, 2024.

Here are all of the new maps coming to MW3 in Season 2 and when they will launch:

  • Stash House (Season 2 launch on February 7)
  • Vista (Season 2 launch on February 7)
  • Departures (Season 2 launch on February 7)
  • Das Haus (Mid-Season)

Das Haus is a remake of a classic small map from Call of Duty: Vanguard. It will be making its way to MW3 sometime in the middle of Season 2.

Check out this trailer that showcases the new maps coming to MW3 at the launch of Season 2 on February 7:

Overview of Season 2 Maps

Along with their announcement, the official Call of Duty blog released some more details for the three new maps coming with the launch of MW3 Season 2.

These three maps seem to offer frantic close-quarters gameplay on 6v6 small-to-medium-sized maps.

We go into each one below!

Stash House

Stash House is the smallest map of the three new maps in MW3 Season 2. It takes place entirely in a “recently raided” one-story Stash House and its immediate surroundings.

Exterior of Stash House map in MW3 season 2

It’s a tiny map built for chaotic encounters. It’s filled to the brim with tight spaces, tense chokepoints, and plenty of clutter to provide you with cover.

There are three main areas, which include the slightly more open outside driveway and backyard, as well as the enclosed areas of the house itself.

Players are advised to equip high ammo capacity magazines to their loadouts to minimize reload times. They should also consider bringing along weapons such as SMGs and Shotguns for engaging in frantic close-quarters combat.

Collage of Stash House map locations and Tac-Map in MW3 Season 2

It should please those who are fans of maps such as Meat and Shipment as it’ll be great for grinding XP to unlock camos!


As a more medium-sized map, Vista allows players to duke it out within a lush Brazilian mountaintop resort.

Exterior of Vista map in MW3 season 2

The three-lane map offers a decent mix of locations. There are tight interiors within the resort’s gift shop, restaurants, and marketplace areas. There are also more open exterior locations for longer-range engagements.

It features a variety of areas all linked together through interconnected pathways. It also has breathtaking views if you have time to take in the beautiful mountainous surroundings in between tense firefights!

Collage of Vista map locations and Tac-Map in MW3 Season 2

Players will want to equip attachments that increase their ADS speed as this map favors mid-range combat. It would also pay to learn the surroundings as best you can so you can take advantage of Vista’s numerous vantage points.


Departures features the same Zakhaev International Airport as the classic Terminal map, but this time shows a different part of the classic location. It’s another medium-sized 6v6 map designed for tense firefights in indoor and outdoor locations.

Exterior of Departures map in MW3 season 2

Departures has an open Drop Off area on the ground level that leads into the main building’s interior locations. There are plenty of winding paths that offer a variety of routes forward.

The diverse mix of locations means that you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared for battle at different ranges.

A 4.0x magnification scope would be useful for the map’s many midrange sightlines. Equipping a Tactical Insertion to your loadout also wouldn’t go amiss as there are plenty of nooks and crannies to place a spawn point!

Collage of Departures map locations and Tac-Map in MW3 Season 2

For more, be sure to check out all the new Aftermarket Parts in MW3 Season 2 which includes an underbarrel chainsaw!

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