The new Wildlife Wanted: Rubber Duck bundle is getting a lot of attention in Call of Duty MW3 – for all the wrong reasons.

Somewhere over the last few years, Call of Duty turned from a relatively down-to-earth shooter featuring soldiers wearing standard combat gear into something… else.

Following in the footsteps of Fortnite, or titles like Apex Legends and Overwatch where creative skins are relatively commonplace, Call of Duty is in the process of abandoning its once-serious identity in favor of adding popular skins for purchase via microtransactions.

What we mean to say is that if you want to be a Rubber Duck in MW3, you can now become one.

Rubber Duck Skin Is Coming to Call of Duty

As if cats, rats, and orangutan Operators weren’t enough, MW3 now has a Rubber Duck skin, courtesy of the Wildlife Wanted: Rubber Duck bundle.

The Bath Time skin for Corso turns the Operator into a human-sized Rubber Duck. And some fans, tired of the direction Call of Duty’s skins are heading in, are understandably upset.

While some users are readying their wallets to snatch up the new duck-themed cosmetics, others lament COD moving away from iconic mil-sim Operators.

Of course, right from the start, Modern Warfare 3 has been stuffed full of the quirkiest skins that carried forward from last year’s title.

And whilst most Call of Duty games start with realistic skins and steadily get more absurd with each passing month, MW3 never even had the chance to resemble a serious military shooter.

So for all those who are leaning into COD’s new identity, one where you’re as likely to encounter Captain Price as you are Nicki Minaj or Diablo 4’s Lilith, here’s everything you need to know about the new duck-themed bundle:

Wildlife Wanted: Rubber Duck Bundle

The Wildlife Wanted: Rubber Duck bundle contains the following items:

  • Bath Time – Corso Operator Skin
  • Rubber Rampage – Pulemyot 762 Weapon Blueprint
  • The Ducky – DM56 Weapon Blueprint
  • What The Duck – Weapon Sticker
  • Duck This – Calling Card
  • Bath Time – Emblem
  • Quackin’ Up – Weapon Charm
MW3 Rubber Duck

The bundle is now available and will set you back 1800 COD Points (~$20) and will make some of your enemies very, very upset.

After all, there’s little more disrespectful than killing someone as a giant yellow rubber duck.

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