MW3 players are review bombing the game over on Metacritic and Steam.

It’s not very surprising when you take into consideration Modern Warfare 3’s poorly received campaign, regurgitation of old multiplayer maps, and the disappointing return of SBMM.

This just a few of the growing laundry list of issues fans have with the newest Call of Duty title. Players are expressing online their growing dissatisfaction with MW3.

mw3 lobby operators dropping in

MW3 Review Bombed on Metacritic and Steam

MW3’s PS5 Metacritic User Score has dropped as low as 1.7, AKA “Overwhelming Dislike”. This is after over 600 players submitted review scores of 0-3 to reflect their disappointment in the most recent COD title.

This is significantly lower than the average Critic Metascore of 50. It suggests that the player base at large has wholeheartedly rejected the latest Call of Duty offering.

Only one other Call of Duty game received a score lower than MW3 on Metacritic and that was Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified for the PlayStation Vita back in 2012.

MW3 Metacritic Overwhelming Dislike

The PC Metacritic score is very similar, with a bafflingly low score of 1.3 with over 100 user reviews. Xbox Series X’s User Score for MW3 fares slightly better with a value of 3.7. However, less than 40 users submitted a score so far, and the value is likely to decrease when more roll in.

Players are also review bombing MW3 on Steam. It has a “Mostly Negative” reviews rating with over 3,500 reviews submitted on MW3’s Steam page so far:

MW3 Steam Page mostly negative reviews

Why Are Players Review Bombing MW3?

The main reason players are review bombing MW3 in droves is because of the game’s extremely disappointing campaign, its use of old maps that make it feel like DLC, and its $70 price tag.

Most reviews state that the game is far too overpriced for what is offered:

MW3 Metacritic reviews overpriced

Another common theme is that the game feels like DLC, rather than a full release:

MW3 Metacritic reviews DLC

This user is upset at MW3’s Campaign and “lazy” use of old multiplayer maps:

MW3 Metacritic negative reviews

You’ll find a similar story when browsing through Steam’s reviews for MW3. This player criticizes the game’s campaign and regurgitation of content from previous titles:

MW3 Steam Negative Review

Much of the fanbase has also been quick to criticize Modern Warfare 3’s use of Skill-Based Matchmaking and its poor Armory Unlocks system.

When taking it all into consideration, it’s no wonder that MW3 players are demanding refunds for the game!

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