Report: MW3 Remastered Campaign Already Finished, Timed PS4 Exclusive

MW3 Remastered

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When the Call of Duty franchise comes to mind, Modern Warfare 3 often ranks near the top. It is one of the most beloved titles of the series.

Recently, popular leaker TheGamingRevolution dedicated a video talking about the possibility of MW3 Remastered.

When is Modern Warfare 3 Remastered Coming Out?

MW3 Remastered hasn’t received a release date yet. Regardless, this title has been rumored for quite some time now.

Modern Warfare 3 Remastered

Apparently, the game will be campaign-only (at least for now), with sources reporting that the game has been finished for quite some time.

There’s no sign of when it’s coming out, but we wouldn’t completely write off the possibility of it releasing before the end of this year. According to some insiders, Activision is planning to launch MW3 Remastered prior to the release of PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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Modern Warfare 3 Remastered 30-Days Exclusivity on PlayStation

Information from different leakers also points to a deal between Sony and Activision. According to the deal, all remastered titles were scheduled to launch before the reboot of Modern Warfare last year. However, some unexpected events forced a delay in the launching schedule of the MW2 and MW3 remastered versions.

MW2 Remastered includes content that repeatedly hints to the game being part of the remastered collection. This suggests more upcoming remastered games are part of the collection, like MW3. MW2 Remastered hasn’t arrived yet to PC or Xbox One due to an old agreement between Activision and Sony that forces them to give Play Station a month of exclusivity. This agreement included the entire remastered collection and so, Modern Warfare 3. The game will also be an exclusive title for PS4 during the first month of its launch.

MW3 Remastered uses the same graphics engine as Modern Warfare 2, so the games will be visually similar in terms of graphics and some mechanics, like the menu or movement mechanics. Indeed, this will have a large and positive impact on the title.

With the game already finished and Activision planning to launch it before the next generation consoles come out, maybe we can have another digital title in the midst of a lockdown.

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