Small maps are usually the most popular in every Call of Duty, and the “Rustment” playlist in MW3 consists of two of the game’s smallest.

As the name suggests, “Rustment” is a combination of two of Modern Warfare 3’s close-quarters maps, Rust and Shipment. These offer hectic gameplay and tons of short-range gunfights.

However, now, there are calls for a new playlist to replace it, as players are starting to get annoyed with one of the two maps.

MW3 Players Want “Rustment” Replaced

MW3 players are calling for “Rustment” to be replaced as they feel the playlist is essentially just “Shipment 24/7.”

Call of Duty gamers are only voting for Shipment, meaning playing on Rust is a rare occurrence. This is due to the issues they feel Rust has.

MW3 fans believe replacing this map with another would offer a more balanced map rotation within the game.

Rustment playlist in MW3

When it comes to a replacement, Modern Warfare 3 gamers want “Meatment” to arrive in-game. This would be a combination of Meat and Shipment.

These two maps have never had a playlist dedicated solely to them both. However, they were part of one that consisted of them plus Rust back in December 2023.

Meat is a new original map in MW3 and has quickly become a fan favorite due to its size, how games play, and the chaotic nature of each match.

Why Do People Not Vote for Rust?

If you have ever loaded into the “Rustment” playlist, you will notice players will often not vote for Rust due to many issues the community has with the remastered MW2 (2009) map.

One of the biggest problems, according to the community, is the terrible spawns. Instead of this being addressed in updates, user bobkemp believes they actually get worse.

byu/Connnooorrr from discussion

It isn’t just this Reddit user that has this sentiment, with many others in agreement.

byu/Connnooorrr from discussion

And if you want a visual representation of just how bad they can be, you can view it in the X/Twitter video embedded below:

As you can see, the spawns are not great. In most of these clips, you will kill someone, and they will spawn right next to you. While this can sometimes offer easier kills, it can also harm you, as shown by the second clip in the video.

Whether the developers bring out a “Meatment” playlist still remains to be seen. However, with Season 2 coming out on February 7, 2024, we will likely have one for any new 6v6 maps arriving first.

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