After the success of the Modern Warfare 2 Mosh Pit mode, MW3 fans want MW2 2022 maps added to all playlists.

Call of Duty fans can be a fickle bunch, and there’s much debate as to whether MW2 (2022) actually has good maps or not. However, the five maps currently featured in the MW2 Mosh Pit are all fan favorites.

These maps are:

  • Farm 18
  • Crown Raceway
  • Shoot House
  • Mercado Las Almas
  • Breenbergh Hotel

Now, MW3 fans are calling on Activision to add these select few maps to regular playlists, to avoid them being removed when Mosh Pit leaves again.

MW2 Mosh Pit Playlist

MW2 Maps Should Be In-Game Permanently

MW2 maps are currently only present in MW3 via its Modern Warfare 2 Mosh Pit playlist, but players want the maps in regular playlists too.

This would prevent them from leaving the game whenever Mosh Pit is switched out of rotation.

“The maps in MWII mosh pit are my favorites from that game, but I hate having to wait for the mosh pit playlist to release,” Reddit user Vexenium writes. “It would be great for them to be added to the regular map rotation and maybe even in ranked play.”

It’s clear that more than a few players agree with this assessment.

Breenbergh Hotel in MW2

Over on the Modern Warfare 3 subreddit, users are discussing how Activision could incorporate older maps without ruining MW3.

One common opinion is that MW3 should add the popular MW2 maps to regular matchmaking, but not ALL maps should make the jump to the newer title.

byu/Vexenium from discussion

Adding MW2 maps to standard playlists has other advantages too.

Rather than limiting the game modes to just Most Pit’s offerings (TDM, Kill Confirmed, Domination, Hardpoint), players would have the option of playing the likes of Search & Destroy, Team Gunfight, and more on their MW2 2022 favorites.

byu/Vexenium from discussion

Seeing as MW3 already carried forward all of MW2 2022’s guns and cosmetics, many players believed that maps would similarly be available.

Hopefully, Activision will take note of the demand for returning maps and add the more popular arenas to MW3 for good. We just hope that the likes of Border Crossing, Black Gold, or Embassy don’t get added to standard playlists alongside MW2’s better offerings.

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