Fans have been passionately vocal about SBMM in Call of Duty for a long time, and now they are saying that it “chokes the fun” and life out of MW3.

Players complaining about the state of the matchmaking in COD is nothing new, dating back to the series’ slightly more humble beginnings. It’s a growing concern that seems to be more prevalent with each new release.

MW3 players are particularly frustrated with the state of the game’s matchmaking for its multiplayer modes. Many seem to have had enough!

SBMM Is “Stifling”

Many MW3 fans have posted their concerns online about the “stifling” effects of MW3’s skill-based matchmaking. Players mainly criticize how the game will penalize you for playing well by constantly throwing you into harder lobbies.

Many don’t think this is very fun and are losing the will to play the game:

As Jxsida points out, they feel as though their entire experience in MW3 “is in the hands of the matchmaking algorithm”. In their experience, Modern Warfare 3’s SBMM will put you into some “seriously sweaty lobbies” making the game a lot less fun:

“Oh, you played for hours at the weekend and went around a 1.0KD each match? Enjoy your pro league qualifier lobbies on a Monday evening when you get home from work, tired as hell. Doing well doesn’t reward you at all.”

They feel far less incentivized to play MW3 as it seems the game does not reward you for playing well. When comparing Modern Warfare 3 to older COD titles, Jxsida states how players were previously rewarded for learning the mechanics and playing well.

Player hiding behind cover and aiming at three enemies on Terminal in MW3

Beowulf891 seems to agree as they also heavily criticize MW3’s SBMM. In their opinion, they believe the matchmaking was set up as a way to “appease shareholders” and “chase stupid metrics”.

It has caused them to play the game far less than previous COD titles:

byu/Jxsida from discussion

Many fans believe the matchmaking system of the newer Call of Duty games “chokes the life” out of the experience. It’s actively discouraging a lot of fans from playing the game:

byu/Jxsida from discussion

Sledgehammer Games promised to address fans’ SBMM concerns for MW3 after the launch of Season 1. However, fans are still waiting for a statement about SBMM in Modern Warfare 3.

Hopefully, more information on SBMM will be released soon. Just don’t hold your breath!

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