Fans are continuing to lambast the state of matchmaking and the multiplayer experience in MW3.

Modern Warfare 3’s implementation of a skill-based matchmaking system is, by and large, the biggest complaint fans have had about the game since its launch in November 2023.

Despite promising to address these concerns, there has been nothing but radio silence on the matter from Sledgehammer Games.

Matchmaking Is “Trash”

COD fans have continuously posted their criticisms regarding the state of MW3’s matchmaking since its release.

One of the most recent complaints to garner attention online sheds some light on why players are frustrated with the game’s online multiplayer:

The main issue CBD212 has with the game is its reliance on skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) for multiplayer. They call it “utter trash”.

In theory, SBMM should make multiplayer in MW3 more enjoyable by sorting people into lobbies with other players who are at a similar skill level. However, in practice, this doesn’t seem to be the case.

Instead, fans feel like they are being punished for playing well. They are often put into games with players that are far above their skill level. Rather than a fun and competitively balanced experience, the system as it currently stands can leave you feeling a bit like cattle being led to slaughter.

Warzone player standing over another

As CBD212 points out, despite confessing to being “just average”, they are constantly put in lobbies against “MLG sweaty super COD players” that are “way better”. They go on to describe MW3’s entire multiplayer experience to be a “shambles” and don’t expect anything will “ever be done about it.”

Others seem to agree and believe that SHG cares more about selling cosmetics and bundles in the store, rather than fixing the myriad of MW3’s multiplayer issues.

This player blames those who keep buying cosmetics as a way of “telling the devs it’s OK”:

byu/CBD212 from discussion

All in all, the state of SBMM is a complaint fans have had for a long time, with many feeling as though SBMM “chokes the life” and fun out of MW3.

When Will SHG Address SBMM?

According to Sledgehammer Games’ last comment on the matter, they should be addressing fan concerns about MW3’s SBMM soon. This is based on a statement from SHG and the Call of Duty team:

However, the above comments were made on November 30. That’s almost two full months of complete radio silence on the matter. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by many disgruntled Call of Duty fans who are still waiting for a statement on SBMM:

byu/CBD212 from discussion

The statement also mentions that SHG will address fan concerns in “the coming weeks after Season 1 launches.” However, as Season 2 is right around the corner, there are only a couple of weeks to fulfill this promise.

Even if Sledgehammer Games does release a statement in the near future, many are not getting their hopes up.

Over on Reddit, Surestrike1 points out that SHG only mentioned how “they would be more open about how it works”, not that they would actually change anything. They give some prudent advice to COD fans: “Don’t hold your breath”.

It’s clear that SBMM is here to stay in MW3… for now at least.

Warzone Masked Soldier Near Armor Plates

Hopefully, Sledgehammer Games will listen to the community and implement some much-needed changes to MW3’s matchmaking to improve the multiplayer experience for all!

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