In an attempt to help others with their grind (and earn some money while doing so), MW3 players are now selling bot lobbies for real money online.

For those who can’t handle the sweat of a standard Call of Duty lobby, or those who want to speed up their grind, you can now purchase ‘bot lobbies’ to make things easier.

We’re seeing countless sellers on eBay promoting Modern Warfare 3 bot lobbies – and it seems some users are actually buying them!

Bot Lobbies Are Being Sold on eBay

Dozens of listings for MW3 bot lobbies are appearing on eBay, allowing buyers to get access to easier games of this year’s Call of Duty title.

For approximately $5-10 dollars a game, you can make sure your next match is one where your K/D ratio is off the charts.

MW3 Bot Lobbies eBay Listing

The item above has already been purchased 46 times, and this is just one of countless bot lobby listings appearing on eBay.

You won’t be able to make interesting content for your YouTube channel with these lobbies however. Although the sellers describe their product as bot lobbies, a more accurate term would be ‘completely AFK lobbies.’

More Like AFK Lobbies

According to the product descriptions on many of the listings, every player other than you will be AFK for the duration of the game, allowing the buyer to rack up kills, grind for difficult camos, and level up guns.

It certainly would make some of the most frustrating camo challenges a walk in the park. Getting long-distance kills, penetration kills, or even leveling up the worst guns in the game are all possible when your enemies don’t move, after all.

MW3 AFK Lobby Boost FAQs

The eBay sellers claim that buying bot lobbies is completely safe, with no chance of being banned by Activision. We don’t recommend taking this statement at face value.

However, even if this is true, it’s worth considering the potential impact to your SBMM rating when the game detects you getting 100+ kills and no deaths in a single match.

We imagine there’s a good chance that you’ll find yourself in tougher lobbies if you make playing in bot lobbies a hobby.

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