Call of Duty fans feel disappointed with MW3’s Ranked game mode, with some upset fans going as far as to say it’s the “worst” competitive multiplayer mode they’ve ever played.

Lots of players are experiencing extreme matchmaking imbalances in the mode. They find themselves matched against players that are much higher than their skill level.

For a skill-based competitive mode, many are feeling frustrated with the current state of Ranked in MW3.

Ranked Is the “Worst” Mode Ever

Some MW3 players are calling Ranked the “worst” competitive multiplayer mode that they have ever played:

Many players agree, including TEXHOMAHCEP who said the current state of Ranked is an “awful experience”. They say it’s full of “AFK players, leavers, griefers, abusers, and cheaters”.

Far and above the main issue issue players are having with Ranked is with the mode’s seemingly incompetent matchmaking system.

Ranked Play Has a Matchmaking Problem

An alarming amount of players are reporting being put in Ranked lobbies with other players who are far above their skill level. It results in poorly balanced and skewed games where one team dominates and steamrolls the other.

Reddit User Appropriate-Can-6688 says that Ranked is the worst competitive mode, highlighting the blatant imbalances in its matchmaking setup:

byu/TSM-HabZ from discussion

They say Ranked has a “hidden MMR system” that determines how players rank up. MMR is short for Match Making Ranking. It essentially calculates your skill level based on your average performance.

As a competitive multiplayer mode, Ranked should theoretically already be doing this with its Skill Division system. You can climb through the ranks by earning Skill Rating by performing well and winning matches. There are eight Skill Divisions in total, starting from Bronze and ending at the Top 250.

Here are the eight Skill Divisions:

MW2 Skill Division Tiers Ranked Play

However, Appropriate-Can-6688 believes that there is a hidden system that determines that results in frustrating imbalances.

MW3’s matchmaking failings are made even more apparent in Ranked Play, as each player’s Skill Division is shown next to their name on the Scoreboard. It has led to some extreme cases where players in lower divisions are put in games with top-division players:

As _Beautifu_Status_931 shows above, a team of Bronze-tiered players are facing off against an entire team of players in the Top 250. It’s an extreme example, but shows just how much the matchmaking system in MW3’s Ranked mode can fail.

This player believes that the mode takes into consideration your skill from other multiplayer modes:

byu/Beautiful_Status_931 from discussion

Whether or not any of this is true, one thing is abundantly clear: players aren’t happy with the current state of the Ranked game mode in MW3!

MW3 Ranked Play Explained

With Season 2 just around the corner, here’s hoping Sledgehammer Games can continue to implement some much-needed changes to keep players happy moving forward.

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