Players have started to notice that people are making use of invisible skins in Ranked Play, and they aren’t happy about it.

Modern Warfare 3 has had its fair share of “pay-to-win” skins that have littered the game’s multiplayer lobbies since launch. These skins blend in well with the environment, making players harder to see.

Now Ranked Play is live, some Call of Duty players are noticing that people are starting to take advantage of hard-to-see skins in the mode.

Some MW3 fans are angry, as it seems to give paying players an advantage in a competitive mode that has a strict ruleset.

Unfair Skins in Ranked Play

A MW3 fan is calling for Sledgehammer Games to ban paid skins in Ranked Play after they completely missed an enemy player while playing a ranked match in Skidrow:

In the clip, they completely miss the enemy player who is lying prone in a match of CDL Search and Destroy. We can see why they didn’t notice the enemy, as they blended right into the surrounding environment:

Highlighting invisible skin in ranked play

After several seconds, they suddenly notice they are there and gun them down before the game ends. Luckily, they managed to get the drop on the enemy and take them out.

The skin in the video is the silver variant of the infamous IO skin. It first reared its ugly head in Modern Warfare 2’s paid Battle Pass for Season 4.

IO Skin W2 Battle Pass

Fans Frustrated With Invisible Skins in Ranked Play

Many MW3 are frustrated that paid skins are available to use in the competitive Ranked Play mode.

The skin’s extremely poor visibility led Reddit user qwertymnbvcxzlk to question why it’s in Ranked Play in the first place. They would much prefer the mode “just used the ranked skins with black and white.”

The “ranked skins” are a reference to the black and white variants of the official Call of Duty League skins:

Call of Duty League Skin Pack Black and White

These would appear more visible in most of MW3’s multiplayer maps. It would go a long way in leveling the playing field.

Reddit user Fleeeeed seems to agree, as they only want to see “dedicated rank skins” in the mode:

byu/qwertymnbvcxzlk from discussion

Conversely, others blamed the OP for their lack of awareness, rather than the skin for having poor visibility:

Either way, it’s not the first controversial paid skin that has shown up in Call of Duty. More recently there was the infamous and much-hated Gaia or “Groot” skin in MW3.

There was such backlash, that Sledgehammer Games had to give it a nerf with the release of Season 1 Reloaded.

Left: Gaia before update / Right: Gaia after update

In regards to Ranked Play, there seems to be some hope. Treyarch recently mentioned that Gentlemen’s Agreement bans will be taken into consideration when adding to the ruleset of Ranked Play in MW3:

Hopefully, this means that Treyarch and SHG can take player feedback on board and implement fan-requested changes to make Ranked Play more fair in the future!

For more balance changes, be sure to check out how the Gutter Knife and Karambit recently received nerfs in MW3 Ranked Play.

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