There’s a new Zombies: Aetherium Ultra bundle in the MW3 store and players were quick to decide that the Outbroken skin is ‘Pay to Lose.’

Whenever a MW3 skin is a little too hard to spot in-game, Call of Duty fans start demanding that Activision fix the Pay to Win offering immediately. The most recent example of this is the Gaia (or Groot, if you prefer) tree skin, which was impossible to spot in some areas.

But it’s rare that a skin actually negatively impacts your game, by making you more obvious to all players to the point where it’s outright detrimental.

Zombies: Aetherium Ultra Bundle Shows Your Own Footsteps

Players who purchase the new Zombies: Aetherium Ultra bundle that’s beginning to appear in the Modern Warfare 3 store quickly noticed one major issue with the reactive Outbroken skin.

Not only does the skin stand out, thanks to its bright and glowing purple appearance, but it also leaves a small trail of purple footsteps behind you when you move.

Enemies running the Tracker Perk are already able to see your footsteps highlighted, allowing them to follow you and get an easy kill.

But with Outbroken, all players will get an idea of where you’re hiding! Thankfully, the purple footsteps that follow you around do not last long before disappearing, and only one or two would ever be visible at once.

In our opinion, it would be very unlikely for a player to miss seeing you but notice your footsteps before they fade away.

Scorch Zombies Skin in MW3 Outbroken
Credit: MrDalekJD

But if you’d just rounded a corner, an incoming player may get an unexpected indicator of your position – so it’s worth considering when running the skin.

Then again, you’re already optionally choosing to wear a skin that makes you stand out massively, thanks to its purple glow. So yeah, the MW3 Outbroken skin may be Pay to Lose but we’re pretty sure you know what you’re getting yourself into.

How to Get the Outbroken Skin

The Zombies: Aetherium Ultra bundle, which contains the Outbroken skin, can be purchased in the in-game Store for 2800 COD Points.

However, not all players can see the bundle appearing in the Store right now. Some players have found the skin visible when viewing Scorch’s skins in the Operators menu, but this didn’t work for us.

Outbroken Skin in MW3 Store
Credit: MrDalekJD

Others report that they restarted their game and now the bundle appears in the Store’s Just For You section.

We’re certain the bundle will come to the Store for all players in the near future.

All Bundle Contents

  • Outbroken (Scorch Skin)
  • Calcite (Striker 9 Blueprint)
  • Shattered Geode (MTZ-762 Blueprint)
  • Join Us (Calling Card)
  • Growing Crystals (Decal)
  • Encapsulated (Charm)
  • Refined Aetherium Crystal (MW3 Zombies Consumable)
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