Shipment is a fan-favorite Call of Duty map, but the version in MW3 is set at night, giving players plenty of visibility issues!

Whether you’re looking for fast-paced action, want to unlock camos, or level up guns, Shipment is the best Modern Warfare 3 map for you. Due to its square shape and small size, you’re always a couple of seconds away from a gunfight on Shipment!

Unfortunately, though, there is one major issue with this iteration of Shipment – it’s way too dark!

Poor Visibility Is Shipment’s Biggest Problem

A popular post on the MW3 subreddit complains about the visibility in Shipment – and they have a fair point!

Modern Warfare 3’s version of Shipment is at night and has plenty of shadows, making it difficult to spot enemies.

the Shipment map from MW2

This, combined with the dark corners in the map between the shipping containers can make it very frustrating for some. And when your opponents are using dark operator skins, it can be almost impossible to spot them in certain places on the map!

However, despite the complaints, there are a vocal group of MW3 fans that argue visibility on the Shipment is totally fine. The visibility problem on Shipment could be caused by having the in-game, TV, or monitor brightness too low.

Plus, even if you can’t see the enemies very well, the nametags above them should be pretty easy to spot.

Regardless of which side of the argument you fall on, most MW3 players would like to see Shipment set at day next time it returns in a future Call of Duty title. After all, many players actually preferred the snow-covered Holiday Shipment, which was slightly brighter and had better visibility overall.

Swapping weapons on Shipmas in MW3

A return to something similar to Call of Duty Vanguard’s Shipment would also be a great choice.

This version had the best visibility of any version of Shipment, thanks to the daytime setting and sandy floor. Plus you could hop up onto the shipping containers, adding an extra element to the fan-favorite map!

Call of Duty Vanguard Shipment
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