MW3’s matchmaking has been a hot topic recently, with players complaining their lobbies are filled with high-level players, but it seems the opposite is also happening with gamers experiencing real AI bots in their games.

Speculation about bots being in Modern Warfare 3 has stemmed from numerous CoD fans noticing weird movement behavior from teammates and enemies in matches.

Recently, several players claim AI bots are being found in Multiplayer matches and it has got tons of the community talking about this issue.

AI Bots Allegedly Found in MW3 Matches

According to many in the MW3 community, they are finding real AI bots loading into games. These bots are making weird movement decisions, using guns with no attachments, and generally do not look like a person is controlling them.

Reddit user LowDistrictt ran into one of these “bots” and took their discovery to the social media site. They state: “This player walked around really robotically in the back of spawn for like half the match.”

While an easy explanation could be the user has a lower level of skill-based matchmaking, this appears not to be the case.

LowDistricctt says his regular lobbies are “sweaty,” and they have not encountered a “noob” in years. This strange behavior stood out because of this reason.

This isn’t just a singular instance, either. In a separate thread, user Aelexi93 pointed out a similar circumstance: a player making weird movements in their spawn.

In Aelexi’s case, this “bot” was “aiming at friendlies, looking at them and setting claymores in the middle of [their] spawn.”

Additionally, X user AlexGaKill46 has posted a video showcasing what one of these alleged AI bots looks like in action.

In this scenario, the presumed “bot” has odd movement behavior, simply running around and not even firing their weapon.

From our experience, we have yet to run into any noticeable weird behavior, but it does appear to be a common encounter for players.

For a game that focuses on skill-based matchmaking, it is pretty odd that presumably high-level gamers are running into AI bots.

MW3 players in a building shooting their weapons

There’s no certainty these are AI bots, and there is no explanation why this is occurring. However, another MW3 gamer who also noticed them has a theory on why this could be happening.

A Reddit account named “GenericUsurname” thinks “there are not enough people playing the game or because the game is trying to calculate your stats to put you in the right SBMM bracket.”

Whether this is, in fact, the case, we do not know. So, if you happen to run into an AI bot, make sure to farm them for easy kills!

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