A disgruntled player has discovered what they think to be an AI bot in a Ranked Play match in MW3.

The startled fan showed off strange behavior from their teammate during a ranked game. They uploaded it online as evidence of the presence of bots in the much-coveted mode.

This isn’t the first time Call of Duty fans have noticed weird bot-like behavior in multiplayer.

However, as Ranked Play is a highly competitive game mode with a strict ruleset, the possible presence of an AI bot is more than a little alarming for some.

Fan Thinks There Are AI Bots in Ranked Play

A MW3 player posted a clip on Reddit that they claim is proof of the presence of AI bots in Ranked Play matches:

Its_Da_Piggy shows their teammate exhibiting strange and questionable behavior during Ranked Play in MW3.

In the video above, you can see the player moving unnaturally while firing their weapon at nothing, seemingly at random.

The most peculiar behavior of all is when they ‘decide’ to head into the adjacent room to stand still while facing the wall. We understand why this may have raised a few eyebrows.

MW3 Multiplayer Operators

According to Its_Da_Piggy, they witnessed this peculiar behavior for quite a while. They said that “3 rounds of walking like a bot and randomly shooting the wall and floor is more than enough evidence” for them to believe that they were an AI bot.

Certain_Net7958 agrees and even suggests a possible “conspiracy theory” where inactive profiles are controlled by AI when players are away from the game:

However, many question the OP’s “evidence”:

As GruelOmelettes states, bots don’t behave in the way that is shown in the video. So, if it’s not an AI bot, what explains the peculiar behavior?

Are There AI Bots in Ranked Play & Multiplayer?

No, it doesn’t seem likely that there are AI bots present in Ranked Play or MW3’s other multiplayer modes. The most likely explanation for the strange behavior exhibited in the above video is the use of an AFK script.

That’s not to say that AI bots won’t be a thing in the future in MW3 multiplayer. There just hasn’t been any strong evidence to support their existence in the game just yet.

Many astute COD players on Reddit recognized the strange behavior to be a result of a Cronus device using an AFK (Away From Keyboard) script. Essentially, the Cronus acts as a controller input that can run various scripts while the game is running.

byu/Its_Da_Piggy from discussion

In MW3, players can use AFK scripts through Cronus to passively control their characters in multiplayer when they are away from the game. This could be for a variety of reasons, but it would mainly be to level characters, progress Battle Pass unlocks, and as a way to reverse boost lobbies for matchmaking.

It’s an issue that has been present in Call of Duty for a while now, leaving many to feel disillusioned with the multiplayer experience. This is especially true for MW3’s competitive Ranked Play game mode, as having an AFK-scripted player on your team can lead to team balancing issues:

What’s even more strange is that Call of Duty’s very own RICOCHET anti-cheat system should be able to detect Cronus software, according to this blog post from last year.

This means that either the system is currently not working as intended, or players are using other methods to run AFK scripts in MW3.

Whatever the reason for the peculiar behavior, it certainly dampens the experience for all.

For more on balancing issues in MW3, check out how some players are encountering invisible skins in Ranked Play.

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