Cheat servers full of bots have been around in Call of Duty for a while now, but what would you do if you accidentally found yourself in a bot lobby in MW3?

One unlucky player accidentally loaded into a server filled to the brim with AI bots, set up for the purpose of cheating. Fans online have theories as to why this may have happened.

Player Joins a Bot Lobby

An MW3 player innocently searching for a multiplayer game accidentally joined a bot lobby set up to farm XP to upgrade weapons and unlock camos.

Check out the post from vcts1993 on Reddit here:

The scoreboard in the video shows only one other live player on the enemy team. All other players were bots from a hosted server:

Bot lobby scoreboard in MW3

The shocked player bears witness to an egregious exploit, where someone has loaded into a bot lobby. They are farming helpless AI enemies over and over for XP.

Those on Reddit were quick to offer an explanation to the confused MW3 fan:

byu/vcts1993 from discussion

This Reddit user seems to think that the only way you can end up in a bot lobby in MW3 is if you’re bad at the game:

byu/vcts1993 from discussion

As Modern Warfare 3 relies on SBMM (skills-based matchmaking), the only way to be thrown into a bot server would be to play like a mindless robot specifically designed to be farmed for kills, in theory.

However, with a fairly normal K/D of 0.94, it doesn’t make much sense that this player would be thrown into what is essentially a cheat server. Could it just be bad luck?

In any case, some expressed their desire to get some revenge on the culprit who was using the server in the first place:

byu/vcts1993 from discussion

As vcts1993 points out, they didn’t want to risk a ban in getting their own back.

What is a Bot Lobby?

Bot lobbies are custom-created and manipulated game lobbies in MW3 that replace most (if not all) enemies with AI bots.

Players have to spend real money on third-party-run websites and Discord servers to access them.

Be warned: Using bot lobbies is a surefire way of getting banned in MW3.

Once you gain access, you’ll enter a public match lobby where the majority of the enemy team are AFK bots.

What’s the Purpose of a Bot Lobby?

There are several reasons why players may want to use bot lobbies in MW3:

  • It’s a useful way to farm XP to unlock gear, weapons, and attachments
  • Grind for camo unlocks. This is the endgame for a lot of MW3 players
  • Complete daily and weekly challenges with ease
  • Improve your stats and combat record by winning games and increasing K/D
  • Practice
Ghost standing over downed enemy in MW3 key art

It’s important to note that, while we can see its benefits, we by no means recommend the use of bot lobbies in MW3. It’s an easy way to get a ban.

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