MW3 fans have taken to Reddit to express their disgust at a set of overpriced skins available in the store and call it ‘a new low’ for the series.

Controversial Operator skins are nothing new to the Call of Duty series, but players are particularly taken aback by the blatant rip-off recently introduced in the MW3 store. They feel taken advantage of.

Players Upset at Overpriced Skins

COD fans are angry at how expensive the Null & Void bundle is in MW3’s store, as it is essentially just a small change in color for the Rocket and Thirst Operators.

At a whopping 2,400 COD points, the Null & Void bundle will set you back a steep $19.99/€19.99/£16.79, if you have no points saved.

That’s a pretty big ask for a lackluster set of cosmetics if you ask us.

Many online seem to agree, calling the bundle a scam:

byu/TEXHOMAHCEP from discussion

The backlash is due to the lazy reskin of two existing Operators, barely changing from their base versions.

To get a closer look, check out the ‘differences’ between the base and Null & Void skins for Rocket:

Rocket and Null & Void Monochrome skin comparison in MW3

And here’s the comparison for the Thirst Operator:

Thirst and Null & Void Shadow Operator skin comparison in MW3

This Reddit user noticed that the new skins in the store are listed for different Operators, despite being obvious reskins of existing Operators in MW3:

byu/TEXHOMAHCEP from discussion

At a second glance, we can see that tuan321bin is right, as the Null & Void skin for Rocket is listed as BBQ, while the new skin for Thirst is listed as Jabber.

The lazy repurposing of existing skins aren’t the only items on offer for the Null & Void bundle, though don’t get your hopes up.

The bundle also includes two weapon blueprints, a calling card, a decal, and an emblem. The two weapon blueprints are almost indistinguishable from each other:

Comparing the Spectral State and Ghostly Viage MCW Blueprints from the Null & Void Bundle in MW3
The Spectral State and Ghostly Visage MCW Blueprints from the Null & Void Bundle

This player calls this ‘a new low’ for Call of Duty:

byu/TEXHOMAHCEP from discussion

All Bundle Contents

If you’re still looking to purchase the Null & Void bundle in MW3 (we don’t recommend it), here’s what it has to offer in its entirety:

  • Shadow Operator – Jabber Skin
  • Monochrome – BBQ Skin
  • Spectral State – MCW Blueprint
  • Ghostly Visage – MCW Blueprint
  • Two Sides to Everything – Calling Card
  • Duality Distress – Decal
  • Worse for Wear – Emblem
Null & Void Bundle in MW3 Store Menu

For more on MW3’s weird cosmetics, check out the Outbroken ‘pay to lose’ skin here!

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