Treyarch is once again heading the development of the latest iteration of COD Zombies, and for the first time ever, it will feature an open-world map with other squads in the mix.

Call of Duty has slowly inched toward new COD Zombies formulas with their past few games. The most successful of the bunch was clearly Zombies Outbreak in Black Ops Cold War. This round-based survival mode is built on the replayability of Zombies by playing its strengths.

It seems that Treyarch is ready to expand on this formula with the introduction of MW3 Open World Zombies.

MW3 Open World Zombies From Treyarch Coming at Launch

Treyarch confirmed it is developing the upcoming MW3 Open World Zombies mode in what they are calling MWZ (Modern Warfare Zombies).

In this brand-new mode, players can team up with other squads to fight and survive against the zombie swarm.

This is a first in COD Zombie history and something that may completely change how the mode functions. According to them, this mode will also feature the largest COD Zombies map ever.

In the only image they’ve shown of the mode, we can see a glimpse of the iconic Burger Town behind what seems to be a Mugiwara zombie.

MWZ will tell a story revolving around Dark Aether Zombies rooted in the world of Modern Warfare. Treyarch also confirmed that this open-world MW3 Zombies mode is a PvE extraction survival experience.

This almost makes it sound like it will feature elements from both Black Ops: Cold War’s Outbreak Zombies mode and the current DMZ mode. Since it says players will work alongside other squads, they will likely have a similar set of objectives alongside the proximity chat that we see in DMZ.

MWZ will also feature some of the biggest enemies in Call of Duty history. It makes sense since multiple squads will be trying to survive on the same map.

We may even see an enemy as large as King Kong was for the Kong vs. Godzilla event back in Warzone Caldera. It depends on just how MWZ players and what the scope of things really is.

It’s hard to say exactly how the mode will turn out, but it’s exciting to finally see COD Zombies in the Modern Warfare Universe.