The No Russian mission from Modern Warfare 2 (2009) is one of the most iconic campaign quests in Call of Duty, and it may be returning in MW3 (2023).

Infamous for its controversial theme, this campaign mission plunged players into a mass shooting scenario within a Russian airport, depicting a scene of terrorism and civilian casualties.

Fast forward almost 14 years, and speculation suggests that MW3 (2023) might reimagine this polarizing mission. Let’s dive in and discuss the potential return of “No Russian.”

No Russian Mission Teased in MW3 Makarov Trailer

Call of Duty fans have noticed downed planes in the latest MW3 Makarov trailer, perhaps teasing at a return of the iconic “No Russian” mission.

While, the original mission took place at an airport, a hint in the MW2 campaign’s end cutscene suggests a new location.

This scene subtly references “No Russian” by sending the mission’s title via text message to a passenger on an airplane. This has led to speculation that the downed aircraft is related to this text.

Hints at MW3 No Russian Mission
Left: Airplane in Makarov Trailer / Right: No Russian text in MW2 Campaign

Furthermore, the Makarov trailer shows a short clip of citizens gripped by panic. They sprint through and navigate what seems to be Verdansk’s stadium.

This scenario evokes similarities to the sights observed at the airport in MW2 (2009), hinting that the mission might be within the city of Verdansk instead.

You can view the clips of the panicked civilians in Verdansk in the video below:

It’s worth noting that Verdansk was nuked in 2021. This could suggest that this clip may be a flashback, serving as an introduction to Makarov in the MW3 campaign.Or perhaps a different point of view of the Verdansk invasion.

Nevertheless, it’s important to recognize that this is simply speculation. Only time will reveal whether the memorable No Russian mission returns in MW3.

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