Call of Duty MW3 players are calling for a nerf to the overpowered Hollowpoint ammo, which hits players like a mini stun grenade.

Maintaining balance in a weapon roster as large as Modern Warfare 3’s was always going to be an impossible task, and some loadouts are currently vastly superior to others.

Take, for example, assault rifles, which dominate the meta at all ranges by outclassing all other weapon types. And when you’re using Hollowpoint ammo in your trusty AR, you’ll also be inflicting stuns on your opponent mid-fight.

What Is Hollowpoint Ammo?

Hollowpoint ammo is a type of ammunition that can be added to a variety of weapon loadouts, from assault rifles, to SMGs, and even pistols.

All versions of Hollowpoint ammo will have the effect ‘Crippling Power’ causing bullets to act like a mini stun grenade on hit.

Hollowpoint Ammo in MW3

Enemies struck by your bullets will be slowed, and they have a similar sort of screen flash to a stun grenade. On top of that, any player hit will have their sprint disabled for a short time.

This final effect used to occur only when hitting players in the legs, but in MW2 & 3 it appears that it applies to any part of the body.

Hollowpoint is unlockable through the Armory for most weapons, though some calibers appear in various weapon tree unlocks too.

MW3 Fans Want Nerf to Hollowpoint

Lately, it appears that some Modern Warfare 3 players are unhappy with how Hollowpoint performs, calling for a nerf to the ammunition.

“It’s a built in stun. It’s pretty ridiculous,” Reddit user ItsDirkMcGirk complains.

As shown in the clip below, the stun effect is simply too powerful to accompany a single bullet hit.

If you want to try it for yourself, the Hollowpoint loadout in the clip above is:

  • BAS-B
    • Optic: Reflector Mk. 3
    • Barrel: Wyvern’s Respite Long Barrel
    • Underbarrel: FTAC Ripper 56
    • Magazine: 45 Round Mag
    • Ammunition: .277 Hollowpoint

Although Hollowpoint ammo isn’t available on all weapons, it did appear in the list of options for most of the guns we tested.

Of course, there is one major trade-off when using Hollowpoint ammo – it takes up a whole loadout slot.

byu/PericlesLCS from discussion

But if you’ve built your weapon how you like it with just four attachments, adding Hollowpoint to the gun will certainly make a major impact.

We’ll have to see if Activision sees fit to nerf Hollowpoint in the future. But for now, expect to see a lot more players abusing the ammo in the near future.

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