Players looking forward to jumping into the world of MW3 will have a chance to get ahead of the curve by pre-ordering the game to obtain the Nemesis Operator Pack.

This pack will give players access to four different Operator skins to use in MW3. Each of these skins is themed around having a nemesis in the fight between Task Force 141 and the Konni Group.

On one side, you’ll have the blue and silver Task Force 141, while on the other stands the red and black Konni Group. However, the MW3 Nemesis Operator Pack does not come cheap.

How to Get MW3 Nemesis Operator Pack

The only way to get the Nemesis Operator Pack featuring Captain Price, Ghost, Warden, and Makarov is to purchase the MW3 Vault Edition. This will cost players $99/£99.

As of right now, you can pre-order the Vault Edition and receive a Soap Operator Pack to use instantaneously on top of the Nemesis Pack.

However, you won’t have access to the four Operator skins from the Nemesis Pack until you begin to play MW3. This means that the earliest you’ll see your skins is when you play the MW3 Early Access Beta.

Everything Included in Nemesis Operator Pack

The MW3 Nemesis Operator Pack includes two sets of Operator Skins for Captain Price, Ghost, Warden, and Makarov.

As you can see in the video below, each of the skins seems to have at least two different versions to it. There is one where the members seem lightly armored and one where they appear to wear heavier armor.

There are no Weapon Blueprints included in the pack, but when you purchase the Vault Edition, you will get two Weapon Vaults with it. This is two weapons with fully themed attachments.

Despite the Weapon Vaults not being tied to the Nemesis Pack, it does follow the same aesthetic theme of Task Force 141 (blue and silver) vs Konni Group (black and red).

Weapon Vaults MW3

If you’re looking to represent one of the two factions, then the MW3 Nemesis Pack is a must-have for your playthrough.