MW3 brings back some iconic Modern Warfare 2 (2009) maps but it seems that Quarry spawns are completely broken on day one.

The launch of a brand-new Call of Duty title is never entirely smooth sailing, particularly where spawns are concerned. The respawn points system is designed to place players in a safe area, near ally spawns and away from enemies.

However, longtime COD fans will know that this often isn’t the case. We had some particularly poor spawns leaving us right in enemy sightlines during the MW3 Beta.

And now, Quarry is turning heads for being particularly frustrating in the game’s full release.

Quarry Spawns Have Players Respawning Right Next to Enemies

Just hours after the game’s launch, we’re seeing countless complaints from fans about spawns on the MW3 Multiplayer map, Quarry.

Almost all of them show an identical issue, with all players on both teams spawning near Warehouse, regardless of nearby enemies.

And in all the clips being shared, we can see Multiplayer fans mowing down players as soon as they spawn, leading to a vicious cycle of spawning and respawning.

It’s extremely surprising that this is an issue for so many players. After all, it seems like it would be one of the first things picked up on during QA testing.

Thankfully, Map Voting is a feature that’s been re-introduced in Modern Warfare 3. And we imagine until this issue gets resolved, we might just see players start to avoid Quarry whenever possible.

Multiplayer fans will be glad to hear that it seems to be just Quarry that has such poor spawns in MW3 so far.

But with the game not yet being released in all regions of the world, it may be some time before Activision is able to patch the issue.

On the other hand, maybe Sledgehammer Games will get a fix out quickly, so that some players will be able to avoid encountering the issue entirely.

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