Call of Duty has given us our first look at all 16 of the reimagined COD multiplayer maps coming to MW3 to give players an idea of what they should expect to see.

MW3 will bring back more fast-paced gunfights to the Call of Duty series, but none of that will matter if they fail to capture what made the original maps such a hit.

This is why, instead of creating new maps, MW3 will bring some fan-favorite Modern Warfare maps, completely reimagined for the current generation of consoles. Here are all 16 of the MW3 multiplayer maps and how they were upgraded for the current gen.

MW3 Multiplayer Map List – All 16 Reimagined Maps

Here are all 16 of the multiplayer maps in MW3, complete with images:

  • Afghan
MW3 Afghan Map
  • Quarry
MW3 Quarry Map
  • Scrapyard
MW3 Scrapyard Map
  • Favela
MW3 Favela Map
  • Derail
MW3 Derail Map
  • Rundown
MW3 Rundown Map
  • Estate
MW3 Estate Map
  • Skidrow
MW3 Skidrow Map
  • Rust
MW3 Rust Map
  • Highrise
MW3 Highrise Map
  • Karachi
MW3 Rust Map
  • Sub Base
MW3 SubBase Map
  • Invasion
MW3 Invasion Map
  • Underpass
MW3 Underpass Map
  • Terminal
MW3 Terminal Map
  • Wasteland
    • Call of Duty has yet to show the Wasteland map, but they have confirmed that it is one of the 16 maps that players will have a chance to play at launch with MW3.

Some of the biggest changes that players will see in these maps are the amount of detail that is visible and how they can maneuver through various obstacles.

Areas that players were unable to access in Modern Warfare 2 (2009) are now within reach. This is thanks to new movement mechanics like mantling that are usable in MW3.

You can see a small breakdown of the creative process that went into reimagining these maps and how the movement looks like in the video below:

In addition to these maps, MW3 will also include three new Battle Maps for players to enjoy the Ground War and Invasion game modes. MW3 will also feature a massive War map since it marks the return of the War Mode seen in past Call of Duty titles.

This means that in total, MW3 will be released with 20 maps for players to enjoy. Call of Duty hasn’t revealed much information regarding the larger maps, but we will update this article as soon as they do.