The music featured in video game trailers establishes the atmosphere for the game’s intensity, and a particular song used in the trailer for MW3’s Makarov reveal has intrigued fans.

Makarov’s reveal in MW3 offered a first look at the main villain in the rebooted Modern Warfare series. The selected song sets the tone that aligns perfectly with the portrayal of the antagonist.

For those curious about the song’s identity, there’s no need to search further, as we have you covered, delving into the music and how you can listen to it in full.

What Song Was Used in the MW3 Makarov Trailer?

The soundtrack featured in the MW3 Makarov trailer was “Six Day War,” originally by Colonel Bagshot. This rendition, however, was derived from the song “Just So You Remember” by rapper Pusha T, who incorporated a sample of the 1970s classic.

In Pusha T’s song, the backdrop of “Six Day War” sets the stage, leading to the rap lyrics at the trailer’s conclusion, with lines like “My joker smile, you know who the villain is.”

This set of lyrics masterfully introduces the character Makarov, revealing his entire identity and setting him up as the game’s villain for Modern Warfare 3.

You can view the trailer below:

Additionally, if you wish to listen to the full versions of these songs featured in the MW3 Makarov trailer, you can do so on the following platforms:

Six Days War – Colonel Bagshot

Just So You Remember – Pusha T

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