MW3’s first limited-time event of 2024, Vortex: War’s Domain, just released and players are already having trouble gaining access to the Magma Camo reward.

The Magma Camo is a cool volcano-inspired weapon skin that you can unlock after gaining enough XP during the event.

However, many frustrated COD fans are reporting that they can’t access the Magma Camo, despite gaining the correct amount of XP listed on the event screen.

Vortex War's Domain event info in MW3

Why Can’t Players Access the Magma Camo?

Players who have fulfilled the XP requirement to get the Magma Camo in MW3 can’t access it because the XP target listed in the event is wrong. It’s an in-game UI mistake.

According to the official Call of Duty Updates X/Twitter, the XP displayed for each of the rewards in the Vortex event are wrong:

The incorrect information in the game’s UI has left many players confused as to why they can’t access the Magma Camo after reaching the XP goal set by the event.

Currently, it says that players need to get 458,500 XP to get the Magma Camo, which is incorrect. The correct amount to unlock it is actually 1,233,700 XP… quite a big difference!

Magma Camo incorrect XP in UI for Vortex event in MW3

No wonder fans are scratching their heads:

Many were disappointed after grinding to reach this milestone, only to have the goalposts moved when they got there:

byu/fyfimatzu from discussion

It’s an annoying error for sure, but at least players can still get the Magma Camo, as frustrating as it is.

How to Get Magma Camo

To get the Magma Camo in MW3, you need to get exactly 1,233,700 XP during the limited-time Vortex: War’s Domain event.

The Vortex event is active from January 3, 2024, to Wednesday, January 17, 2024, at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET / 4 PM GMT.

You have exactly until the event ends.

Vortex War's Domain event in events tab in MW3

When the event is active, you can gain XP as normal in any of MW3’s multiplayer, Zombies, or Warzone game modes to contribute to the XP progress for the event’s rewards.

After getting the required XP, you’ll be able to access and equip the Magma Camo for your weapons in the Customize tab of the Gunsmith menu in MW3:

Customize tab for Holger 556 Gunsmith in MW3

To help with the grind, you can purchase and equip the War Horse Operator Skin from the Horsemen War bundle for an XP boost. Using the skin will give you 1000 bonus XP per match.

This will allow you to get the Magma Camo a lot quicker, but many have been quick to call the bundle overpriced for what you get.

Horsemen War Bundle in MW3 Store page

In any case, 1.2 million XP in one week is a mighty ask, XP boost or not. Happy grinding and good luck!

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