Call of Duty MW3 just added a new must-play mode, as players are reporting that 10v10 Moshpit feels like it has extremely low SBMM.

Skill-Based Matchmaking has been the most controversial COD feature in some time, with Modern Warfare 3 players complaining about it ever since the game’s Beta.

But now, a new 10v10 Moshpit mode has been added to MW3 that appears to have low SBMM compared to standard 6v6 modes. Best of all, the playlist is a ton of fun.

10v10 Moshpit May Have No SBMM

Call of Duty MW3 players believe that 10v10 Moshpit may prioritize connection over skill-level, leading to a reduction of SBMM in lobbies.

In our experience, the matches certainly seem more relaxed than in standard 6v6 modes, and it’s possible that larger servers will require less strict matchmaking simply due to their size.

10v10 Mosh Pit Mode in MW3

We saw a similar thing happen in MW2’s Ground War mode, where servers were thrown together with far more variance than standard matchmaking, due to the match’s larger capacity.

What’s more, there are so many soldiers on the map that games devolve into chaos. Even the best COD players won’t be able to keep up when there are enemies flooding in from all directions.

“I feel like the SBMM is heavily reduced also,” Reddit user 2keyed reports. “There’s a mix of bots, a couple sweats, and average people in every lobby I’ve played so far. It’s a lot of fun”

In our testing, we discovered that 10v10 Moshpit is also the best way to level up guns during the ongoing Double XP event. As if we needed even more reason to play!

Players Respond to 10v10 Moshpit

It’s safe to say that the MW3 community’s response to 10v10’s inclusion has been overwhelmingly positive.

The playlist, which features ‘high-action respawn game modes with increased player counts for more intense matches,’ is certainly hitting a note with the MW3 fan base.

Players have taken to the MW3 subreddit, calling the playlist ‘amazing’ and ‘the most fun I’ve had in Call of Duty in years.’

We can only hope that the playlist sticks around forever, and isn’t simply a limited time mode. After all, some of the remade MW2 maps seem a little too large for just 6 players per team.

Sadly, the mode currently isn’t available in Hardcore, which we’ve seen several calls on Activision to rectify immediately.

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