MW3’s logo and first key art have leaked on an upcoming Monster Energy promo. This is the strongest evidence we’ve seen that COD 2023 is Modern Warfare III.

Call of Duty has kept relatively quiet about its upcoming COD 2023 title, but the leakers have not. Over the past few weeks, plenty of information has made its way to the internet from data miners.

However, now even promotions are breaking street dates and getting shared on social media.

MW3 Logo & Key Art Leaked by Monster Promo

The logo and key art of COD 2023 have leaked through a Monster Energy promotion, confirming Captain Price’s return with MW3.

UPDATE 7/24 11:52 AM PT: The official Call of Duty account has seemingly hinted that the Monster Energy promotion is real with their latest tweet.

In the pictures posted by algebra_sloth on Twitter, we can see the red design for Modern Warfare III. The promotion also showcases key art for Captain Price and what appears to be Makarov in the background.

It is likely that this key art could also end up as the cover art for the game.

We can also see Ghost on the Monster Energy can for the collaboration in the leak. This isn’t the first time we see the red design with Modern Warfare III.

Earlier this month, a huge leak of weapons showcased what the MW3 logo would look like in-game with the Gunsmith.

Monster Energy MW3 Promo Leak Details

The leaked images show that the Monster Energy promo with MW3 will allow players to obtain Double XP Tokens, a Weapon’s Decal, and even an Operator Skin.

If this is anything like past promotions, the type of reward will depend on the item players purchase. The four-pack Monster Energy cans will usually wield the best rewards for the players.

The can itself says to head over to the official website for Monster Energy to see the details, but it seems that the website itself has yet to update.

We’ll likely start to see promotions go live when Modern Warfare 3 is officially announced with the Season 5 reveal event.