MW3 leaks are flowing to social media as of late, and the most recent ones have revealed some exciting new rumors about the upcoming Warzone Map.

It seems strange to see a new Warzone map with each new COD title, but Activision is doing its best to try and replicate the success of its original map, Verdansk.

They have kept relatively quiet regarding the new map, but now leaks suggest that the upcoming map is inspired by Verdansk and will bring back slide canceling.

MW3 Leak Reveals New Warzone Map Draws Inspiration From Verdansk & Slide Cancel Return

According to a recent leak, the new Warzone map will feature plenty of buildings, various POIs, and a look that seems heavily inspired by Verdansk. In addition, this rumor also mentions the return of Slide Canceling.

Furthermore, this source revealed that two of the maps players will see in this new MW3 Warzone map are Overwatch (MW3 DLC map) and Countdown (COD4 map).

All this information was leaked through a tweet from Metaphor, a Warzone content creator. In particular, this leaker has a track record of providing accurate information, with last year’s MW2 gameplay and Al Mazrah Warzone map.

All New Warzone Map Leaked Details

Supposedly, Overwatch, which was a map situated on the rooftop of a tower, is located in what Metaphor refers to as the ‘downtown’ area for the MW3 Warzone map. This downtown area will feature an incredibly large building that towers over everything, with Overwatch located at the very top.

Overwatch MW3 Warzone Map
Overwatch in MW3 (2011)

Metaphor seemed to really enjoy what he had seen of this upcoming Warzone map but did not reveal his sources or where he had come across it.

Countdown MW3 Warzone map
Countdown in COD 4: Modern Warfare (2007)

Rumored Slide Cancelling Return

He also mentioned that Slice Canceling is in the current build of Modern Warfare 3. However, it was also present for Modern Warfare 2 but completely removed before launch.

Slide Canceling is a movement mechanic in Call of Duty that allows players to keep their momentum while making it more difficult for players to target them while moving. It is difficult to master, which increases the skill gap between players in COD.

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