Call of Duty fans have discovered blatant cheaters across multiplayer leaderboards in MW3 and they aren’t happy about it.

Despite Activision’s earnest attempts at stopping cheaters in Modern Warfare 3, many are still slipping through the cracks, getting kills, and winning games by illicit means.

Leaderboards Are Riddled With Cheaters

MW3 fans have recently pointed out that the game’s leaderboards are full of cheaters. It’s clear to see that many players are cheating as their Score Per Minute (or SPM) is ridiculously high, especially when taking into consideration their overall play time.

Now those are some high score numbers! As you can see, most of the players within MW3’s top ten have very questionable statistics.

The most notable of these is the player who managed to rack up an SPM of almost 50,000 in just a measly 8 hours of playtime.

Where to Farm Penetration Kills & How to Get Them in MW3

It’s blindingly obvious that MW3 is chock-full of cheaters right now. Players want Activision to take action.

Users on Reddit want them to take a closer look at the leaderboards as a way of weeding out those who aren’t willing to play fair:

byu/jamesswazz from discussion

It’s clear to see that aimbots and other illicit methods are running rampant in MW3 multiplayer, but what is Activision going to do about it?

What About RICOCHET Anti-Cheat?

Activision’s earnest efforts to combat the cheaters with the dedicated RICOCHET anti-cheat system have had some success, though it still seems many ne’er-do-wells are slipping through the cracks.

The game has been full of cheaters since launch, with hardly any signs of slowing:

All that cheating has led Activision to double down on its RICOCHET anti-cheat initiative.

Activision recently announced a new machine learning system for its anti-cheat and that it has led to the ban of over 23,000 accounts just before the holidays:

Although we’re glad to see Activision address MW3’s cheating issue head-on, this method runs the risk of shadow-banning innocent players.

This can lead to false reporting and people being booted out of games prematurely:

Disgruntled players can spam report anyone they wish and can kick them from a game, regardless of whether or not they were actually cheating.

Twitter posts from players annoyed about shadow bans from anticheat in MW3

To make things fairer, Activision needs to implement a system that can more accurately decipher who the real cheaters are in Modern Warfare 3. It’s certainly not an easy task for a problem that has been present in the series for many years.

Hopefully, Activision and Sledgehammer Games will squash this nasty cheating bug once and for all!

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