Yet another leak for Call of Duty MW3 reveals the game’s key art ahead of Activision’s incoming announcement.

Modern Warfare 3 is the worst-kept secret in Call of Duty history and now we’re getting a fresh look at the game’s key art.

Yesterday, along with the Season 5 update to MW2 and Warzone going live, dataminers began to dig around in the game’s files. And wouldn’t you know it, hidden within was an early look at MW3’s key art, complete with the new red color scheme and a look at Captain Price.

MW3 Key Art Leaks in COD Season 5 Update

The MW3 key art appears to show Captain John Price, founder of Task Force 141, gearing up for his next battle.

Behind him, what looks to be the eye of Vladimir Makarov, who was set up to be the next game’s villain in the after-credits of MW2.

Those familiar with the original MW2 will recognize Makarov as being one of the primary antagonists of the 2009 title. The soldier was also a central player in the notorious mission: No Russian.

And while this key art isn’t officially confirmed by Activision, it was seemingly taken directly from the MW2 game files. Most likely, it appears there intentionally for dataminers to find, in an effort to stir up fans.

On top of that, it’s a direct match for the leaked Modern Warfare logo that appeared alongside an upcoming Monster Energy promotion.

Activision Teases Official MW3 Key Art Reveal

The Call of Duty publisher has gone on to tease fans about the leaked MW3 key art on social media.

“Jokes on you, real key art here,” the official COD account tweeted out beside a stick figure rendition of Price. The image even references the red color scheme of the real art, though the name of the game is ‘Modern Warfare Redacted?’

Interestingly, this Microsoft Paint-inspired work of art does indicate that this year’s game does have Modern Warfare in the name, all but confirming that Modern Warfare 3 is the official title.

What’s more, the tease that Call of Duty will share their ‘artistic abilities and even more next week’ indicates that we’re about to hear more about Sledgehammer Games’ next release between August 7-13.

In fact, we just got new reports that the MW3 reveal event inside Warzone could arrive on for August 17!

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