Ever since Modern Warfare 2 Season 6 rolled around, players have been complaining non-stop about a near-invisible Groot skin – and it’s already plaguing MW3!

Call of Duty MW3 takes everything fans had unlocked in MW2, and makes it all available in a new game for the first time ever.

Everything from Calling Cards, to weapon levels, and even Operator skins are making the leap to MW3. But if there’s one negative about the new Carry Forward feature, it’s that MW2’s most infamous skin is already flooding lobbies in the brand-new game…

MW3's Invisible Groot Skin, Gaia

Invisible Groot Skin Needs a Nerf in MW3

It’s literally MW3’s launch day and already fans are complaining about the Groot skin (AKA Season 6’s Gaia) ruining games by being incredibly hard to spot.

Not only is the cosmetic extremely dark, but parts of the Operator’s body can be completely seen through, majorly hindering visibility. In areas with natural plant life, the tree skin can blend right into the background.

Having issues with premium cosmetics wouldn’t normally be an issue on day one in most Call of Duty games.

However, thanks to MW3’s Carry Forward feature, fans are able to bring the skin with them from MW2 to the new release.

Gaia, known to the community as ‘Groot’ due to its similarity to the Guardians of the Galaxy character, is an animated tree Operator. And, thanks to its appearance being both wooden and relatively dark, it’s almost invisible in certain situations.

Fans have been complaining about Gaia for weeks on end, and Infinity Ward even nerfed the cosmetic slightly in MW2, making it easier to spot.

But now, Groot is ruining MW3 games, particularly on maps like maps like Estate and Wasteland where it can blend right into the environment.

Due to the skin being so hard to spot, it’s incredibly prevalent in online Multiplayer matchmaking. And where we normally see an ocean of Mil-Sim skins on day one, fans are now encountering an army of trees in-game.

Granted, this Operator is dead, but can you honestly tell us you’d have seen this skin at first glance?

Dead Gaia Operator in MW3
Credit: /u/korge23

The skin has also been bothering Warzone players since its release, but those hoping that it would see further adjustments by MW3’s release are left disappointed.

Just check out this clip of a final circle in the Battle Royale game, where a user loses their potential Warzone Victory due to Gaia being practically invisible.

Right now, the skin is likely still selling Battle Passes for Activision, particularly as it’s easy to get after buying the BlackCell upgrade…

But once Season 6 comes to an end in December, we imagine that another nerf will come to the cosmetic at last.

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