MW3 players are dying immediately after they respawn in multiplayer due to a drawn-out gun cocking animation – read on to find out how you can stop it!

As if the spawns in the game weren’t already bad enough, COD fans are now frequently dying in multiplayer due to this frustrating animation. It’s yet another problem among a long list of issues players have had since its launch in November.

Fortunately, there is a quick workaround to stop cocking your gun after you spawn so you can get right back in the action in Modern Warfare 3!

How to Stop Gun Cocking Animation

To stop the gun cocking animation after spawning in MW3, you need to quickly double-tap the weapon swap button to cancel the animation.

If your MW3 character is cocking their gun after spawning in, do the following for each platform:

  • PS5
    • Double-tap the Triangle button to cancel the animation
      • Press Triangle to swap to your secondary weapon, then press Triangle again to swap back to your primary
  • Xbox
    • Double-tap the Y button to cancel the animation
      • Press Y to swap to your secondary weapon, then press Y again to swap back to your primary
  • PC
    • Scroll the Mouse Wheel to cancel the animation . Alternatviely, you can press the 2 key and then the 1 key to swap weapons
      • Scroll the Mouse Wheel Up to swap to your secondary weapon, then Scroll the Mouse Wheel Down to swap back to your primary
      • Alternatively, press the 2 key to swap to your secondary weapon, then quickly press the 1 key to swap back to your primary
Swapping weapons on Shipmas in MW3

Quickly swapping to your secondary weapon and back again will immediately cancel the gun cocking animation. It allows you to get right back into the fray with no frustrating delay!

What is the Gun Cocking Animation?

The gun cocking animation in MW3 is an animation that shows your character making sure their weapon is loaded, cocked, and ready for action. It adds to the realism of the military sim experience that MW3 offers.

It usually occurs at the beginning of multiplayer matches, but players are also reporting that it happens when they respawn after dying.

MW3 Multiplayer Operator with Assault Rifle

Players Hate the Gun Cocking Animation

Many players are extremely frustrated with the gun cocking animation in MW3 as it has led to many deaths in multiplayer which don’t feel warranted or fair.

This is because the animation locks you out of shooting your weapon until it plays out, causing many players to die helplessly without the ability to defend themselves after they respawn:

It seems that Call of Duty fans are mostly encountering this frustrating issue while playing on the smaller, close-quarters maps such as Meat and Shipment:

It also appears as though the animation occurs inconsistently, as it doesn’t always happen after a respawn. This player believes the issue is due to some form of bug:

Wherever the issue is coming from, players seem to agree that they want it removed from the game ASAP. This Reddit user would prefer it if Sledgehammer Games forwent realism so that the game would be less infuriating:

It appears that many are unaware that you can cancel the animation

Hopefully, with the above weapon-swapping method, you can avoid dying from this frustrating animation until a potential future patch!

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