Players will need to rack up a certain amount of Fury kills to complete one of the Weekly Challenges for Week 4 of MW3.

However, the game doesn’t do a great job of communicating what Fury kills are or how to go about getting them. It has left a lot of players scratching their heads.

Getting them is simple in theory, but may need a little luck and practice to pull off. We go over what Fury kills are and how to get them in MW3 below!

What is An Operator Fury Kill?

An Operator Fury kill is a type of Multikill that requires you to kill at least four enemy players in quick succession in any online multiplayer mode in MW3.

You must kill these four enemies within a few seconds of each other to count towards a Fury kill.

As Operator kills, you must kill other real players and not bots. So no hopping into a game of Zombies hoping for some quick kills, unfortunately!

Fury kills will often appear as an unlock requirement for Challenges in Modern Warfare 3. For example, you are required to get 3 Operator Fury Kills with a Recommended Weapon in Week 4:

Fury kills Week 4 Weekly Challenge in menu in MW3

Recommended Weapons are signified by an orange/red banner and flame icon in the Modern Warfare 3 Weapon Select menu:

Recommended Weapons icon in Weapon Select menu in MW3

Recommended Weapons are not set in Modern Warfare 3. You’ll need to look out for the above icon on one of MW3’s weapons to see what is currently in rotation.

You must get Fury kills with one of MW3’s Recommended Weapons to complete the above Weekly Challenge.

How to Get Fury Kills

To get Fury kills in MW3, you must kill at least four enemy Operators in quick succession. You have a few seconds between each of the four enemies, and roughly 10 seconds in total to get the Fury kill.

The best way of doing this is by playing on Modern Warfare 3’s smaller maps in game modes where enemies are funneled into one location. Check out some of the best examples of MW3’s maps and modes for Fury kills in the Tips & Tricks section below.

This gives you a greater chance of stumbling upon lots of enemy players clumped together in one place – great for Fury kills!

Player getting a Fury kill on Rust in MW3
Credit: AoemsGaming

After getting four kills in quick succession, you’ll know you’ve got a Fury kill by this banner appearing on the top right of the screen:

Fury Kill Icon MW3
Credit: AoemsGaming

For the Week 4 Challenge, you’ll want to grab one of the Recommended Weapons of your choice to rack up the 3 Fury kills needed to complete it.

We recommend using weapons with large magazines, such as LMGs, to increase your chances of taking out multiple enemies in one clip. Sniper Rifles are also excellent for taking out multiple targets at once, if you can manage to line up your enemies to take them out in one shot.

Here are a few ways to increase your chances of getting Fury kills in Modern Warfare 3:

Tips & Tricks

  • Stick to smaller maps that are focused on close-quarters combat
    • We recommend Rust, Skidrow, and Shipment
    • Make sure to hop into the Rustment 24/7 playlist when you can. It exclusively features both Rust and Shipment – two of the most popular close-quarters maps in the Modern Warfare series!
Shipment Map MW3 Logo
  • Play the Domination and Hardpoint game modes
    • Hopping into a game of Domination or Hardoint is a great way to rack up kills quickly, as it encourages multiple players to hold a single location. If you keep your distance and pick off enemies from afar, it can be a fairly easy way to get Multikills!
  • Play in Hardcore mode
    • This mode has a significantly reduced TTK, meaning enemies will drop faster which is helpful if you’re struggling to get kills!
    • Do note that you will also go down faster in this mode. You need faster reflexes and to pay more attention to your positioning to succeed
  • Utilize the 10v10 Moshpit playlist while you can
    • This playlist has increased player counts which increases your chances of getting multiple kills quickly
    • It seems as though the SBMM is reduced in 10v10 Moshpit, making it far easier to complete Fury kills
    • For now, it’s a limited-time mode – jump in while you can!
10v10 Mosh Pit Mode in MW3

For more MW3 Challenges, find out how to get Akimbo kills here!

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