MW3 fans can unlock a variety of cool rewards in The Boys crossover, but many are having issues with the Blacklight Flashlight challenge for the Supe Takedown event.

Supe Takedown is the first event that dropped with Season 1 Reloaded. Players need to complete 6 challenges to get the Death to Supes mastery reward camo.

However, some are having trouble with the Blacklight Flashlight melee kills challenge, as it isn’t clear what you have to do. Thankfully, it’s very straightforward to complete!

What Is the Blacklight Flashlight?

The Blacklight Flashlight is a Gear Perk that shows you recent enemy footsteps and can be equipped by any class in MW3.

Its name can be a little confusing, causing some to think that it is a weapon attachment or Tactical unlock. This is not the case. The Blacklight Flashlight is a Gear Perk that will have its effects activated once it is equipped.

Essentially, the perk allows you to get a better idea of your enemy’s location in multiplayer in Modern Warfare 3. With it equipped, you’ll see a series of purple footsteps on the ground, highlighting your enemy’s most recent footsteps.

This is what the footsteps look like in-game when you have the Blacklight Flashlight perk equipped:

Highlighting Blacklight Flashlight gear perk footsteps in MW3

How to Get & Equip Blacklight Flashlight

To get the Blacklight Flashlight in MW3 you must reach level 36 to unlock it through the progression track. After you reach level 36, you will unlock access to the Blacklight Flashlight immediately.

Blacklight Flashlight unlock level 36 progression track MW3

To equip the Blacklight Flashlight, head into the Loadout menu and select it in the Gear Perk section:

Blacklight Flashlight Gear Perk equipped in loadout menu in MW3

Once equipped, you will immediately be able to see the recent footsteps of your enemies as a passive effect in-game. You don’t have to do anything to activate it.

How to Complete Blacklight Flashlight Melee Kills Challenge for Supe Takedown

To complete the Blacklight Flashlight challenge for the Supe Takedown event in MW3, you must get 25 Operator Melee Kills with the Blacklight Flashlight Gear Perk equipped.

That’s all there is to it! As the Blacklight Flashlight grants you the passive effect of being able to see recent enemy footsteps, all you need to do is get 25 Melee Kills with it equipped to complete the challenge.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you complete the challenge:

  • Equip a melee weapon
    • Although you can get kills using your standard melee attack, we recommend using a dedicated melee weapon for increased damage
    • Any melee weapon will do, such as the Gutter Knife and Karambit in MW3
Gutter Knife in shooting range for MW3
  • Avoid The Boys: Supe’d Up LTM
    • Although the challenge is directly tied to The Boys: Supe Takedown event, we recommend steering clear of the Supe’d Up game mode to complete it
    • This is because the Temp-V drops will significantly buff the health and movement speed of your enemies, making them harder to take down
    • Instead, hop on Team Deathmatch or Kill Confirmed servers on close-quarters maps to increase your chances of getting melee kills. Any multiplayer mode will work for this one
  • Play on smaller maps such as Rust, Shipment, and Meat
    • Playing on smaller maps is essential if you want to get up close and personal to get melee kills
Over the shoulder view of player shooting an enemy in Kill Confirmed on Rust in MW3 multiplayer
  • Play in Hardcore mode
    • There is a lower TTK in Hardcore, allowing you to get melee kills more easily
  • Equip Covert Sneakers
    • Covert Sneakers will eliminate all sounds from your footsteps, allowing you to get the jump on your enemies
Covert Sneakers MW3


The reward you get from completing the Blacklight Flashlight challenge is a Terror Weapon Charm. It is also one of the six challenges you need to complete to get the mastery camo reward for the Supe Takedown event.

Here is the Terror Weapon Charm for getting 25 melee kills with the Blacklight Flashlight equipped:

Terror Charm reward for The Boys Supe Takedown Event in MW3

Additionally, the Blacklight Flashlight challenge is one of the 6 challenges you can choose to complete to unlock the Death to Supes mastery camo reward for the Supe Takedown event in MW3:

Death to Supes Mastery Camo reward for The Boys Supe Takedown Event in MW3

Players only have until January 24 to complete the challenges and get the rewards!

Be sure to check out our extensive guide on the Supe Takedown event’s challenges and rewards for more detail, as well as our explainer on the Supe’d Up LTM in MW3.

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