You’ll need to get a certain amount of Akimbo kills to complete one of the Weekly Challenges for Week 3 of MW3.

It sounds like an easy enough task, but some are scratching their heads over how to complete it.

Modern Warfare 3 not only has multiple Challenge types to keep track of, but it also doesn’t make it very clear how to equip and unlock Attachments. It’s not hard to see why some are having trouble.

Thankfully, it’s a lot easier than it seems to equip the Akimbo Attachment and get Akimbo kills in MW3.

MW3 Aftermarket Parts Akimbo WSP

How to Get Akimbo Kills

To get Akimbo Kills in MW3, you need to get kills with weapons that are compatible with the Akimbo Rear Grip Attachment. It allows you to dual-wield two of the same weapon but prevents you from aiming down sights.

Just make sure you are using weapons with the Akimbo Rear Grip Attachment equipped. Then, start racking up Operator kills in multiplayer as usual!

Akimbo Kills will often be an unlock requirement for Challenges in Modern Warfare 3. For example, you are required to get 20 Operator Akimbo Kills with a Recommended Weapon in Week 3:

Akimbo Kills Weekly Challenge in MW3

Tips & Tricks

  • As you can’t ADS with Akimbo weapons, stay close to your enemies to make sure your bullets stay on target
  • Utilize movement as much as you can
    • Sprint and slide your way to victory by flanking your enemies and getting the jump on them!
  • Stick to smaller maps that are focused on close-quarters combat
    • We recommend Rust and Skidrow
    • Make sure to hop into the upcoming Rustment 24/7 playlist when you can, as it features Shipment – one of the most chaotic close-quarters maps the series has ever seen!
  • Play in Hardcore mode
    • This mode has a significantly reduced TTK, meaning enemies will drop faster. Helpful if you’re struggling to get kills!
MW3 Skidrow Map

How to Unlock Akimbo

Before you can get Akimbo kills, you first need to unlock and equip the Akimbo Rear Grip Attachment in MW3. Not all weapons have access to the Akimbo Rear Grip Attachments.

You can unlock the Akimbo Attachments either by leveling the weapon to a certain level, or through Armory Unlocks.

Here are all the weapons (so far) in MW3 that can use Akimbo Attachments and their level unlock requirements:

WeaponAttachmentHow to Unlock
.50 GSAkimbo .50 GSUnlock by leveling the GS Magna to Level 9
9mm DaemonAkimbo 9mm DaemonUnlock by leveling the 9mm Daemon to Level 16
BasiliskAkimbo BasiliskUnlock by leveling the Basilisk to Level 28
COR-45Akimbo COR-45Unlock by leveling the COR-45 to Level 21
FTAC SiegeAkimbo FTAC SiegeUnlocked by getting 25 hip-fire kills with FTAC Siege
GD MagnaAkimbo GD MagnaUnlock by leveling the GS Magna to Level 9
P890Akimbo P890Unlock by leveling the P890 to Level 26
RenettiAkimbo RenettiUnlock by leveling the Renetti to Level 21
TyrAkimbo TyrUnlock by leveling the Tyr to Level 26
WSP StingerAkimbo WSP StingerUnlock by leveling the WSP Stinger to Level 14
WSP SwarmWSP Akimbo Brace StocksComplete any 5 Challenges from Week 3
X12Akimbo X12Unlock by leveling the X12 to Level 19
X13 AutoAkimbo X13 AutoUnlock by leveling the X12 to Level 19

It’s important to note that all the weapons listed above are Handguns, except for the WSP Swarm, which is an SMG. Its Akimbo Attachment was made available as an Aftermarket Parts unlock from completing Weekly Challenges from Week 3.

This suggests that more weapons may receive the Akimbo Attachment through future Weekly Challenges!

WSP Akimbo Brace Stocks MW3

You can also unlock Akimbo Rear Grip Attachments by activating them through Armory Unlocks.

To do this, head into the Weapon Progression screen, select the Attachment you would like to unlock, and then activate it to put it in the Amrory Unlocks queue:

Akimbo Renetti Armory Unlocks in MW3

You will have to complete two Daily Challenges to unlock the Attachment through Armory Unlocks.

How to Equip Akimbo

To equip the Akimbo Rear Grip Weapon Attachment in MW3, you must head to the Gunsmith menu of your weapon of choice and select the Rear Grip option when choosing your Attachments:

Highlighting Rear Grip Attachment slot for Renetti in Gunsmith in MW3

Then, select the Akimbo Rear Grip Attachment to equip it to your gun!

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