The Horsemen War bundle is a decent-looking set of cosmetics available to purchase with COD points in MW3, but is it overpriced?

COD players are no strangers to expensive cosmetics, especially when browsing through Modern Warfare 3’s storefront.

The Horsemen War bundle offers some really cool cosmetics with some pretty neat effects, but fans are torn on whether or not it’s worth the asking price.

Horsemen War Bundle in MW3 Store page

Is the Horsemen War Bundle Overpriced?

According to MW3 fans, yes, the Horsemen War bundle is overpriced mainly because it only grants access to one weapon blueprint.

The Horsemen War bundle costs 2,400 COD points to purchase in the store, which will set you back $19.99/€19.99/£16.79 if you have no points saved.

That’s a pretty high asking price for just a single Operator skin, one weapon blueprint, and a few extra cosmetics.

It’s similar to other overpriced bundles in MW3, which players have labeled as a scam.

Demonic Call Weapon Blueprint for Horsemen War Bundle in MW3

Only One Blueprint

Generally, fans think the cosmetics in the bundle look really cool, but are disappointed that it only contains one weapon blueprint:

YouTube comments talking about only one weapon blueprint for the Horsemen War Bundle in MW3

The Demonic Call blueprint for the BAS-B is arguably the most appealing aspect of the bundle.

The weapon skin covers the BAS-B in magma and adds a Bloodfire Tracer effect to your bullets. It also grants a very cool death effect that disintegrates your foes into dust!

Check it out here in Grey’s YouTube showcase:

For just one weapon blueprint, most players agree that 2,400 CCOD points is too steep an asking price. This fan suggests attaching the cool tracer and death effect to a reusable skin so that you can use it on more than one weapon:

YouTube suggestion to increase value of the Horsemen War Bundle in MW3

This would significantly increase the value of the bundle, as it wouldn’t lock these awesome effects to just the BAS-B battle rifle.

Vanguard Already Had It

To add further insult to injury, Call of Duty Vanguard had a similar bundle that offered a lot more content for a similar asking price:

YouTube comment about Vanguard Horsemen bundle being better than MW3 1
YouTube comment about Vanguard Horsemen bundle being better than MW3 2

Pay to Lose

Some fans want other players to purchase it, as it would make them easier to spot in multiplayer:

YouTube comment about pay to lose skin in Horsemen bundle in MW3 1
YouTube comment about pay to lose skin in Horsemen bundle in MW3 2

This is surely a reference to some of MW3’s pay-to-lose cosmetics that have come up in the game’s storefront recently, such as the infamous Outbroken skin.

The War Horse skin in the Horsemen bundle will definitely make you stand out from the crowd and possibly make you an easy target:

War Horse Operator Skin from Horsemen War bundle in MW3

Fans Still Think It’s Great

Despite the bundle’s high asking price, MW3 players still love the cosmetics in the Horsemen War bundle.

Generally, fans agree that the War Horse skin is one of the best you can get in MW3 right now:

YouTube comments praising War Horse skin in Horsemen War Bundle in MW3 1
YouTube comments praising War Horse skin in Horsemen War Bundle in MW3 2

Others seem to think that it’s the best bundle in Season 1 of MW3, despite criticizing the scope that comes with the Demonic Call blueprint.

YouTube comment best bundle Horsemen War Bundle in MW3

Despite this small complaint, this player seems very happy with the bundle and feels it is “more worth” the asking price compared to other bundles this season.

YouTube comment worth it Horsemen War Bundle in MW3

This fan is excited to see how the other three Horsemen will appear in future bundles. They are more than willing to splash their cash to complete the collection:

YouTube comment excited for future bundles Horsemen War Bundle in MW3

All Bundle Contents

If you decide to get the Horsemen bundle for yourself, here’s what you’ll be getting:

  • War Horse – Swagger Operator Skin
  • Demonic Call – BAS-B Weapon Blueprint
  • Fiery Resolve – Emblem
  • Aftermath – Calling Card
  • Heat of Battle – Weapon Charm
  • Hell’s Horse – Large Decal
  • Cavalry Line – Loading Screen
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