Our first look at MW3 Gameplay is here, as the World Premiere at Gamescom 2023 gave us a glimpse into the upcoming game.

Every year, the debut of the newest Call of Duty installment serves as an excellent demonstration of the upcoming title, enabling players to observe the gameplay and experience how the game operates.

And now, brace yourselves as we venture into the battlefield of Modern Warfare 3’s gameplay for the first time. Let’s dive headfirst into the world of Modern Warfare 3’s and discuss the first look at the game.

This article contains spoilers from the first MW3 Campaign mission.

First Look at MW3 Gameplay

Our first look at MW3’s gameplay is a 9-minute video of a campaign mission titled “Operation 627.”

This is a stealth-based mission on the coast of the Kastovian Sea and it appears to take place in the Prison POI from the original Warzone map, Verdansk.

As they move through the Prison Complex, players start the mission by grappling to the top of the building.

Additionally, we catch our first glimpse at a new weapon in the upcoming Call of Duty, the Draekur-556, which appears to be an Assault Rifle.

MW3 Gameplay

Players can toggle Night Vision Goggles on and off as the mission progresses as they walk stealthily through the complex.

At one point, players need to create a distraction by calling in an explosive. Once the explosion happens, they let fire on the enemy soldiers before swiftly entering a hatch underground.

In an effort to reach a cell where they could perhaps free someone, Alpha Team moves through the prison and shuts down the electricity with help from Bravo and Charlie Team.

While it is unlikely that they are attempting to break Makarov out of jail, this mission to free an ally may be what led Makarov to escape the prison.

This development could set the stage for Makarov’s role as the primary antagonist in Modern Warfare 3.

Breaching prison door MW3 gameplay

You can view the complete footage of the first MW3 Campaign mission over at the Call of Duty YouTube channel.

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