The notorious ‘Groot’ or Gaia skin in MW3 is still appearing in Multiplayer matches, despite being removed in the latest patch.

The current Season 6 Battle Pass recently brought one of the most frustrating skins in Call of Duty history to the game. Modern Warfare 3 lobbies, like MW2’s before it, were all of a sudden flooded with an abundance of trees, as players took advantage of Gaia’s major visibility issues.

Due to the skin’s plant-like and partially transparent appearance, the Gaia skin is incredibly hard to spot in-game.

Groot Skin in Grass
The Gaia Operator lying in the grass

And after weeks of player complaints, Sledgehammer Games finally removed the ‘Groot’ skin in the most recent MW3 patch… So why is it still showing up?

Groot Is Back in MW3

Only days after MW3 removed the Gaia skin for readjustments, players are reporting that it’s still appearing in Multiplayer lobbies.

It appears that while some users indicate that their skin was forcibly unequipped, instead setting their Operator to the base Nova skin, not all players have been affected the same way.

Despite its removal, some users still seem to have access to Gaia in-game.

Most likely, this is due to Activision not successfully forcing all players to switch from the popular cosmetic.

For whatever reason, a select group of players can still use the tree-themed skin in their Multiplayer lobbies.

However, we would speculate that the skin will only be available while they keep it equipped. If those users change to a new cosmetic, we don’t think they’ll be able to re-equip the Battle Pass skin.

MW3's Invisible Groot Skin, Gaia

Of course, all players who had the Groot skin unlocked will eventually be able to re-equip it after Sledgehammer makes its adjustments.

“Adjustments to improve the visibility of the Gaia Operator Skins are underway,” reports the MW3 pre-season patch notes. “Until these changes can be released to all players, these items will be unavailable to equip in MWIII.”

For the most part, the Call of Duty community seems happy that the change is finally being made.

However, bear in mind that you may still run into a few Gaia users hiding in the shadows until this issue is resolved.

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