Call of Duty players are disappointed to see Interstellar-like camo skins appear in the MW3 store and call it “pay to flex”. It’s a way of getting a Mastery camo without putting the work in.

For most, the camo grind is part of the “endgame” for MW3 and many COD titles before it. After reaching max level, players look towards unlocking mastery camos by completing specific challenges for certain weapons.

The Interstellar camo skin is the final mastery camo players can unlock for weapons in MW3 and is the culmination of a lot of hard work and effort.

Some players are noticing that there are bundles in MW3’s store that contain skins that are suspiciously similar to the Interstellar skin. Modern Warfare 3 fans don’t seem happy about it!

Star Forged Tracer Pack in MW3 Store

Fans Hate Interstellar-Like Skin in MW3 Store

Call of Duty fans seem to hate that the Stellar Chances blueprint from the Star Forged Tracer Pack bundle in MW3 is very similar to the Interstellar and Orion mastery camos from MW3 and MW2.

Reddit user ArchangelTheDemon was quick to point out the similarities on Reddit:

The eerily similar Interstellar-like skin is part of the Stellar Chances weapon blueprint for the BAS-B Battle Rifle. Despite its similarities to the Interstellar camo, many players have pointed out that it’s almost a 1:1 copy of the Orion mastery camo skin you can get for MW2 weapons.

When comparing the Stellar Chances camo with MW2’s Orion skin, we can see where they are coming from:

Weapon skin comparisons for Stellar Changes Camo for BAS-B and Orion Cmao for M4 in MW3
Stellar Chances camo for the BAS-B (above) and the Orion camo for the M4 (below).

Reddit user SBMM_Kicked_My _Dog believes this is confirmation that “the BAS-B was originally planned for MW2”. SerpentNU goes even further and believes that this was the case for “probably half of the MW3 weapons”.

Either way, fans don’t seem happy about a mastery camo being available for purchase in the store. MysteriousSquad says that Activision has “diluted the camo pool” and has made all of the camos “meaningless” in MW3. According to them, making camos available in this way stops it from feeling “cool and rewarding” to unlock them.

This Reddit user refers to the Stellar Chances blueprint as “pay now to flex”:

They find its availability in the store to be insulting to all those who put in the grind to get the Interstellar and Orion mastery camos in MW3.

We’ve seen “pay to win” before and even “pay to lose”, but “pay to flex” is seemingly a new low for fans.

This user seems to agree and laments the obvious cash grab from Activision:

Star Forged Bundle Contents

If you’re looking to forgo the camo grind for yourself, here’s everything you can get in the Star Forged Bundle in MW3:

  • “Galaxy Cluster” LMG blueprint for the Pulemyot 762
  • “Stellar Chances” Battle Rifle blueprint for the BAS-B
  • “Stellar Phenomenon” Loading Screen
  • “Destinations: Stars” Weapon Sticker
  • “Galaxy Bound” Emblem
  • “Gravity Well” Calling Card
  • “Accretion Disk” Weapon Charm
Showing Stellar Chances blueprint in Star Forged bundle in MW3 store

Just head into the store and purchase the Star Forged Tracer Pack for 2,400 COD points to get access to the Stellar Chances blueprint. That’ll set you back $19.99 / £16.79.

Stellar Chances Camo for BAB-B in MW3

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