Call of Duty fans have a plethora of paid and free cosmetic content they can access in MW3, but recently they have criticized the overpriced Operator skins available in the Store.

Despite only being out for a few months, there have already been quite a few controversial skins in MW3. Some argue that some skins offer players unfair gameplay advantages, while others don’t seem to think the majority of skins fit the grounded aesthetic of past Modern Warfare titles.

Whether or not fans think the skins fit COD’s themes, most can agree that the majority of skins available in MW3 are too pricey.

Are Skins Too Expensive?

According to recent fan backlash, yes, skins seem far too expensive in MW3. Most Call of Duty fans believe that Operator skins in the MW3 storefront are overpriced for what they are offering players.

Reddit user Alres3 asks the MW3 subreddit if the Cyber Cat skin is too pricey after discovering it would set them back roughly $25:

Alres3 wanted to purchase the Cyber Cat Operator skin within the Echo Entropy: Ecstatic Entropy Mastercraft bundle.

If you’re a fan of anime-themed skins, the bundle’s main appeal is undoubtedly the cat-eared Cyber Cat skin for the Jet Operator.

Ecstatic Entropy Tracer Pack in MW3 store page

However, as Alres3 points out, it’ll set you back a pretty penny, costing 2,800 COD points. That’s roughly $25 of your hard-earned cash. They would much prefer it if it was cheaper and suggested a more reasonable price of $10 for the skin.

However, Alres3 doesn’t take into account the bundle’s other contents, including three weapon blueprints and multiple cosmetics, which is sure to increase its value.

Despite this, it’s still a little on the expensive side for our tastes, as most bundles are in the range of 2,000-2,400 COD points.

Bundles Don’t Offer Enough Value

Many players don’t believe MW3’s store bundles offer enough value to justify the asking price.

This Reddit user points out how MW3’s store skins are too expensive “especially since you’re in 1st person”:

byu/Alres3 from discussion

They make a good point, as it’s only other players who will be able to see the flashy skin you just splashed your cash on.

It has led fans such as Key-Collection7155 to play in Zombies, as they have the option to switch to a 3rd person perspective so they can actually enjoy their store-bought Operator skins.

Other players feel as though the bundles need more content to justify the steep asking price. Connect_Example_6914 feels baffled that the more expensive skins don’t have voiceovers, for example:

byu/Alres3 from discussion

Reddit user Icy-Computer7556 describes MW3’s Operator skin prices to be “absolutely theft” and goes as far as to label anyone who buys them to be “complete idiots”.

When comparing MW3’s skin prices to older games, they reminisce how they were priced in a fairer range of $5-10. They go on to blame the Operator’s skin inflation on “corporate greed” and label it as “disgusting”.

MW3 Fans Hate the Lack of Realistic Skins in the Store Rubber Duck

A select few COD players are willing to pay a little extra to get skins, much to the disdain of many of the more vocal MW3 fans. The minority of players who regularly purchase expensive bundles are known as “whales”:

byu/Alres3 from discussion

Unfortunately, it seems that the overpriced skins in Modern Warfare 3 and future COD titles are here to stay for as long as people keep buying them.

This isn’t the first time fans have criticized the overpriced skins in MW3 and it will likely not be the last!

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