The launch of Season 2 finally brought The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes to MW3, but players are raising their eyebrows at the questionable voice-acting performance of the new Operator skin.

Fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead have waited a long time for Rick Grimes to show up in Call of Duty, as it seems like a perfect fit for the ruthless and heroic leader with a penchant for felling zombies.

However, after acquiring the Rick Grimes skin at the launch of Season 2, fans are beginning to notice that there’s something a little off about its voice-over work. Some have gone as far as to say that it sounds “goofy”.

A far cry from the iconic voice from the show!

Players Ridicule Rick Grimes Voice

After less than 24 hours of the Rick Grimes Operator becoming available, fans have already taken to ridiculing the skin’s voice acting online.

One player posted a short clip on Reddit of a few lines of dialogue from the skin. They point out that the voice is very different from The Walking Dead TV show:

Who tf did they get to voice Rick 😭
byu/ShadowOpsFN inModernWarfareIII

In the clip above, you can hear a few of Grimes’ iconic lines voiced by what sounds to be a completely different person. Esteemed British actor, Andrew Lincoln, originally played the beloved Rick Grimes character.

ShadowOpsFN inquisitively asks “who are they fooling?” as a way to point out the blatant mismatch. It seems that it’s not fooling anyone, as it goes.

The majority of fans over on Reddit are more than disappointed with the character’s voiceover. DoggyPrinter was “most excited” at the prospect of Andrew Lincoln reprising his role as Rick Grimes in MW3, but was instead left feeling very underwhelmed:

byu/ShadowOpsFN from discussion

MadFlava76 regards the voice acting for Rick to be “goofy” and questions how the developers could go forward with it. The_Betrayer1 gives a plain and clear response: “Because he cost a fraction of Andrew Lincoln.” They may be onto something there.

Be that as it may, it has certainly not prevented the skin from mockery and ridicule. Emergency-City-2139 refuses to use it as they find it so “embarrassing”. Similarly, DarkSyndicateYT “won’t be playing with him” now that they’ve heard his “cringey voice”.

Some are embracing the goofiness of the skin’s voice lines by equipping ridiculous finishing moves:

Now that’s one way of making lemonade out of lemons!

Who Does the Voice of Rick Grimes in MW3?

The voice actor behind the Rick Grimes Operator skin has not yet been revealed. However, it’s a possibility that it’s played by actor Ian Hanlin from The Walking Dead: Destinies video game.

Hanlin plays Rick in the poorly received The Walking Dead game that released in 2023 and many are speculating that he is behind MW3’s Rick Grimes.

Unfortunately for fans, his alleged voice-over work bears hardly any resemblance to that of Andrew Lincoln’s original performance, causing quite a stir for fans of The Walking Dead and COD:

byu/ShadowOpsFN from discussion

Despite many of the voice lines sounding absolutely nothing like Andrew Lincoln, many online are debating whether or not it’s actually him who’s voicing Rick Grimes in MW3.

Many are convinced the character is voiced by Lincoln. Ahzima suggests the actor “is not trying, while Chancla1 believes that the voice director “didn’t do a good job at getting him to sound like his character in The Walking Dead show”.

Rick Grimes Skin Coming to MW3 Season 2 in The Walking Dead Crossover

All of this confusion is most likely because it seems that at least a few of the lines are by Lincoln, perhaps taken straight from the show itself.

For example, here’s a clip that showcases one of the skin’s finishing moves that appears to be repeating the same line spoken by Andrew Lincoln’s version of Rick:

One thing’s for sure: the majority of the voice work is definitely not by Andrew Lincoln.

If you’re looking to hear it for yourself, check out how to get the Rick Grimes skin in MW3. It’s the perfect skin to mow down zombies in the new Hordepoint mode in Season 2!

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