Fans are frustrated with the lack of realistic military-themed Operator skins in MW3’s cosmetic store.

Operator skins have been a sensitive subject for Call of Duty players since MW3’s launch back in November.

Many have taken issue with a variety of unrealistic skins on offer in the Modern Warfare 3 storefront. It includes everything from invisible “pay-to-win” to the tacky over-the-top cosmetic designs that some believe don’t belong anywhere near a tactical miltary-sim shooter.

It seems that players are demanding something a little more realistic when it comes to MW3’s cosmetic skins.

Ecstatic Entropy Tracer Pack in MW3 store page

Players Hate “Outlandish” Skins

It’s apparent that fans are sick of only having “outlandish” skins available to purchase in MW3’s Battle Pass and storefront:

ThrustyMcStab calls for “more realistic” looking skins and says there are “literally ZERO” realistic military skins in MW3’s store currently.

They reference the more realistic skins in Modern Warfare 2019, inspired by “real-world military and police forces”. They want COD to go back to its roots, though accept that it isn’t the “grounded looking shooter” it once was.

Though MihsaG agrees that people should be able to “buy what they want”, they detest having to look at “ridiculous skins” in multiplayer. Many of these skins also come with “some stupid sound effect” that makes it even more frustrating to die to.

MyCoDAccount believes that “tacky” cosmetics exist because younger audiences are more willing to spend the money to get them:

While most agree that having the likes of Homelander, Nicki Minaj, and Diablo 4’s Lillith running around the same map is quite ridiculous, some argue that it makes the game more fun.

However, more recently, a literal Rubber Duck skin became available to purchase in MW3’s store. This was a step too far for many:

It’s so bad, that fans are calling for a “cosmetic toggle” so they don’t have to see it in-game:

byu/ThrustyMcStab from discussion

Whether players like “outlandish” skins or not, they all seem to agree that invisible “pay-to-win” skins should not be in the game.

The infamous Gaia (or “Groot”) skin recently received a nerf as it gave players a significant advantage in multiplayer. Some are even noticing invisible skins appearing in the highly competitive Ranked Play mode and want them removed ASAP.

Left: Gaia before update / Right: Gaia after update

Regardless of the fan outcry, it seems like ridiculous Operator skins are here to stay for the foreseeable future. As long as people keep buying them, they will continue to be made and put in the store.

Despite this, many fans such as ThrustyMcStab simply want Sledgehammer Games to “throw the people who don’t like the fantastical skins a bone too once in a while.” Here’s hoping Sledgehammer Games take note!

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