MW3 fans have had enough of the game’s terrible hit registration in multiplayer and have posted their vitriol online for the world to see.

Poor hit registration is just an additional item to add to the long list of issues players are having with MW3’s multiplayer.

It’s perhaps one of the most frustrating aspects of the game, as you end up feeling punished for no good reason.

Hit Registration Is Awful

Since the game’s launch, an alarming number of Call of Duty players have reported instances of terrible hit registration while playing MW3 online.

Hit registration is where the game doesn’t detect your bullets despite being on target. The enemy receives no damage and it leaves you open to attack, often leading to unfair deaths.

One of the most recent examples of poor hit detection shows Reddit user Giveagoat line up multiple targets in their crosshairs, to have their shot not register at all:

Giveagoat slows down the clip at the point they pull the trigger to show that their shot didn’t register. This is despite having two enemies in their sights.

Many other fans share similar experiences of poor hit registration while playing MW3 multiplayer.

Is Hit Registration “Rigged”?

No, hit registration is very likely not “rigged” in MW3. It is instead linked to server issues that result in projectiles and players not being detected or displayed properly.

However, one player is convinced that the hit registration is “rigged”, which forces them to stop playing the game entirely:

To back up this claim, Reddit user thatcomplex1015 attributes the terrible hit registration to MW3’s infamous skill-based matchmaking system.

They say that “SBMM is the result of that BS” and that one minute they’ll be in a lobby with good ping and the next they’ll be “in a sweaty lobby with an extra 30+ ping while the other team has low ping”

The theory goes that the game will recognize when you do well and will artificially place you in games with a worse connection so that you are more likely to miss your shots and play worse.

RandomGamer071117 believes tells the OP they “did good yesterday so the game nerfed you today”. Similarly, GxdAJ thinks that it is a way to keep players engaged and to “artificially manipulate you into continuing to play.”

MW3 Operator firing weapon on Rust

Whatever the reason for the terrible hit registration, it has certainly inspired some pretty hilarious fan theories. Reddit user iluminatethesky sarcastically says the OP “didn’t buy enough store bundles to get the kill.”

Meanwhile, this Reddit user posted an interesting message from “Ca$htivision”:

byu/mnisb11 from discussion

Despite the hilarity, we definitely don’t recommend purchasing bundles to improve your hit registration. If anything some of MW3’s “pay to lose” Operator bundles will likely make your play sessions actively worse!

It seems Sledgehammer Games will have to add poor hit registration to the laundry list of complaints MW3 has garnered since its launch. First on the list should undoubtedly be fixing its matchmaking system which fans are calling a “shambles”.

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