MW3 players have discovered a Scorestreak combo in Ground War that makes it much easier to get your powerful weaponry the second time in a match.

Scorestreaks are valuable tools that provide a helping hand that can be more devastating than the guns you hold. This could include a Chopper Gunner taking down the opposing squad or a UAV locating the enemy team.

Obtaining these in-game may be a struggle, but once you have one set, employing this trick will make achieving the next much simpler.

EMP Provides Tons of Score In Ground War

Players have discovered that the EMP Scorestreak will give you a massive score boost whenever you use it and disable enemy equipment or Scorestreaks. Since Ground War has 16 players on each team, there is a high chance of getting tons of points towards your streaks.

Additionally, if you run an EMP and Swarm combo, you can instantly get the barrage of Mosquito Drones once the EMP is activated.

Of course, getting the EMP Scorestreak will be no easy task as it requires a total of 1625 score, making it the second hardest to obtain in-game.

MW3 Scorestreak Combo Including the EMP

This tip was posted on the MW3 Reddit; you can view it below.

While the gamer is in Core Team Deathmatch in this clip, multiple users in the comments revealed that the EMP and Swarm scorestreak combo is even more powerful in MW3 Ground War.

This is because the points from disabling enemy equipment and Scorestreaks are incredibly high compared to the score you get from using other streaks.

One user shared that when they got their hands on this combination, they got many kills.

Meanwhile, another says this EMP trick can be effective even if you don’t run the Swarm. If you have another two scorestreaks, you can get the EMP and then die to reset your other two.

From here, call in your EMP, and you will instantly receive your lower-tiered Scorestreaks.

This is undoubtedly a helpful trick we will take into games ourselves!

How to Get Scorestreaks in MW3

The key to using this tip is ensuring you have “Scorestreaks” active and not “Killstreaks.” To use “Scorestreaks,” you must:

  • Head to “Weapons” on the MW3 Multiplayer home page.
  • Select “Killstreaks.”
  • When the screen shows all the Killstreaks in MW3, press R2/RT to switch to Scorestreaks. Use your mouse to select the option in the bottom left on PC.
  • Scorestreaks will be active if the box, shown below, turns blue with a white square.
Scorestreaks Setting MW3
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