Call of Duty MW3 developer Sledgehammer Games is hosting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit, and fans have flooded the message board with questions about SBMM.

Skill-Based Matchmaking (or SBMM) is by far the biggest complaint about Modern Warfare 3 that has been popping up since the new COD title’s launch.

So when Sledgehammer Games set up a Reddit AMA, only one outcome could reasonably be expected.

For anyone a little confused, we’ve got a refresher on what Skill-Based Making is and why it’s so unpopular.

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Sledgehammer Games Bombarded With Questions About SBMM

In a new AMA on Reddit, MW3 developer Sledgehammer Games invites fans to ask any questions they have about the latest Call of Duty Multiplayer specifically.

Fans, quite predictably, had a lot to say. Here are some snippets from just a few of the 2600+ comments left for the developer so far:

“First remove the SBMM, for a solo player it is hard to carry a team and if you play with friends with lower or higher skill it is very frustrating for the player with lowers skill.”


“I know you guys get this question a lot, but could the skill based matchmaking be removed from casual publics? I seriously want to enjoy the game… I can’t play it casually and have fun.”

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“PING IS KING. Sbmm is making you lose player base. It should only be in ranked lobbies.”


“Hey SHG! You already know what I’m gonna ask. Any chance we can get that SBMM tweaked so I’m not sweating my ass off every game.”


How Did Sledgehammer Respond?

Despite the vast majority of questions and responses in this AMA all being about SBMM, Sledgehammer did not respond to a single question related to SBMM.

It’s likely that Sledgehammer are not allowed to address this topic. After all, there are more than a few reasons why Activision wants it in MW3.

That being said, the developers did address other important changes in the Reddit AMA.

In the past, we’ve seen Activision refuse to answer questions about SBMM altogether. Even at in-person events such as COD NEXT, reports indicate that representatives will not respond to requests regarding Skill-Based Matchmaking.

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With that in mind, it was already expected that Sledgehammer Games would not respond to questions that mention SBMM, or will simply answer other parts of those questions without mentioning Skill-Based Matchmaking.

However, even if the developer does eventually respond to the wave of fan demands, we think it’s unlikely that we’ll see any change in-game. Activision, as Call of Duty’s publisher, is likely the one pushing for SBMM to feature in every new release.

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