To defuse Makarov’s bomb in the MW3 mission Trojan Horse, players need to make quick decisions under pressure. But for those who can’t handle the heat, we’ve got the answers for you below!

In Modern Warfare 3’s final mission, players are tasked with defusing Makarov’s bomb in the London Underground system. And while doing so, they’ll have their observation skills tested in a life-and-death situation.

But if you’re feeling the pressure, here are all the answers to help you save the day!

Correct Choices to Defuse the Bomb

The answers to Soap’s questions in Trojan Horse are ‘A Bear’ and ‘Nine.’ These answers are the same for all players in every playthrough.

You then cut the red wire on the count of three as prompted.

Here’s how the choices play out.

What is the manufacturer logo on the large circuit board?

  • Answer: A Bear
    • The Bear logo is found in the top right of the circuit board, encompassed in a blue light.
The Bear Manufacturer's Logo in Trojan Horse MW3

What is the third number in the serial number on the blasting cap?

  • Answer: Nine
    • Although you may initially believe the number to be a six, the serial number is upside down, making the third digit a nine.
The Serial Number on the C4 in Trojan Horse in MW3

When to cut the red wire.

  • Answer: On the count of three
    • As stated by Captain Price, press Square / X / E to cut the red wire as soon as the Captain says three.
Cutting the Red Bomb Wire on 3 in MW3

The only way you’ll fail the final step is if you were a little shaken by the events prior to the wire cutting. But we didn’t find the Bear in time the first time around either.

That’s it! Now London is safe, but the same can’t be said for all the members of Task Force 141.

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